Some Father and Son Fun

Like father, like son… There’s so much more to this saying. In fact, your son not only resembles you from the outside, but you two definitely share some interests and maybe at his age, activities that make your time more fun than ever. Boys will be boys and the ways to up your fun game together are many. So with that in mind, we thought we could highlight some amusing ways to spend this father-son time!

- Video games are boys’ best friends, so why don’t you plan an esports afternoon and give him the time of his life?

- Movies are also a great idea! While your wife might need a day off, give your son a cheat day and let him enjoy some yummy goodies with you while watching a movie.

- If your little one had a lot of screen time this week, make your time together filled with energy by organizing a football game and knocking yourselves out with some crazy fun on the field!

- A great way to have an amazing father-son experience is by going camping. Pack up that car with all your gear and those delicious barbecue treats, and enjoy some bonding under the stars!

- Finally, you can keep things super simple while staying at home and reading a great book together, cooking up a feast and just playing some cool board games.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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