Kids' Guide to Fashion Success

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Among all the fun stuff our kids do, there is something that could never go unnoticed. You’ve guessed it, we’re talking about their all-time desire to dress up and look as stylish as you or their father does. And to please the fashion enthusiasts in us, we definitely won’t miss the chance to enhance their passion for looking fashionable. So, below are a few tips to help them show off their sense of style even further, whether they are at school, at the mall with their friends or even at home!

  • With kids, choose comfort over style. In fact, the two are kind of related. In order for your little ones to look fashionable, they should feel comfortable in the clothes they wear. This will also give them self-confidence and will certainly reflect through their look in a positive way. Also, think about all these nice photos you’ll get to take as they comfortably climb, run or do the activities they like in style.
  • Like in an adult’s look, accessories can do wonders to your kid’s. Girls can show off their bags and fashion jewelry, while boys would look as stylish as ever in beanies or other seasonal head accessories and something like a fanny pack or a backpack. Oh, and as the weather gets colder, scarves and gloves are also lovely options to up their style game!
  • Choosing the right clothing size is very essential when it comes to dressing up your kids. Not only do they grow fast but choosing the wrong size can lead us back to dressing them with uncomfortable pieces. To be on the safe side, always choose a size larger than usual. Hey, oversized looks are still a trend to cherish!
  • The trends that you follow when dressing up can also apply to your kid’s look. Whether a boy or a girl, trends would make anyone look stylish at any given age. Therefore, don’t hesitate to layer up as the weather gets colder, to mix and match prints, or to have your own take on color blocking through your little one’s outfit!
  • Last but not least, your children have their own character. So, giving them the opportunity to pick their outfits will perfectly reflect their personality and enhance their self-confidence – making them look even more fashionable. All you need to do after a certain age is guide them on the right path and let them be.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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