Let the Fall Wedding Bells Ring

They say that when a door closes, another one opens. And just like this age old saying, when summer ends, a new season comes to sweep our sorrows away. This time around, we’re talking about Fall, the season of crispy leaves, cold breezes and orange landscapes – sigh.

We might all be living in a rather warm region, but looking for an adequate destination for our wedding day can bring a lot more joy to the occasion. This statement holds especially true during the Fall season, when most couples look for different destinations that recall the spirit of autumn and its beautiful sceneries. And since this particular season is extremely unpredictable, planning a fall wedding can be a tad tricky. But should you do it right, expect a lot of fabulousness as an end result. Before you get too excited, consider these little tips that will help you plan your Fall wedding better.

  1. Research the weather before picking a venue. The good thing about this season is that the cool breeze can get you an amazing outdoor wedding and an even better indoor wedding. Check the weather forecast first – hello Internet – and let it be your guiding light.
  2. If you’ve chosen an outdoor venue, then you’ve probably already made sure the weather is okay. That said, to enhance the experience, pick a venue with epic scenery that will make it all worth the wait.
  3. Play with the colors and shades to create a theme like no other. Your true fairytale awaits if you just immerse yourself in the fiery world of Fall.
  4. But most importantly, be very well prepared for the season – i.e., wear a dress that is in line with the theme and dress your bridesmaids with earthy tones.


Cindy Menassa

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Everything You Need to Know About Relieving Wedding Stress

Having wedding jitters is completely normal and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. But there’s also a fine line between stressing and being completely out of your mind trying to bend over backwards to achieve perfection – because we all know that there’s no such thing as pleasing everyone.

And perhaps the most stress-inducing period is the time leading up to the big wedding day, when you’re so overwhelmed with last-minute preparations that you don’t really know what day it is, let alone your name. That’s why it’s always well advised that brides take a moment to relax and think about the bigger picture here: they’re celebrating the beginning of a very beautiful journey with their other-halves, and there’s really no reason as to why they should overthink anything. But since we know you, beautiful bride-to-be, we thought it best to highlight a few tips and tricks to get you through the tough period with zen and grace.

  1. Wedding preps are part of a journey you should be enjoying, because looking back, you will be longing for the “simpler times”. And so, keep in mind that losing sleep over your wedding day/night is never a good idea.  At the end of the day, all what matters is that you’re surrounded by your future husband, your family and friends and you will get through it all together.
  2. If all the “zen” talk is not doing it for you, remember that preparing a checklist can help you out. A lot. So take notes of all the things you need to do and prioritize the essentials by order of importance
  3. Delegating tasks doesn’t mean you’re a bad bride/planner. It just means that you’re smart enough not to overwhelm yourself with unnecessary shenanigans. Enter the maid of honor. Give her some tasks – which we’re sure she’ll be happy to do – and don’t forget that you can always count on the groom and on your family as well.
  4. If you want a stress-free planning period, then always allot time to your fiancé. Schedule date nights, squeeze in some quality time with him and make sure you share with him your worries and concerns to put him in the loop of the latest happenings. Who knows, maybe he can even help!
  5. Take some time to think about yourself as well. Put yourself first and pamper yourself with a spa day or a yoga session.


Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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Honeymoon Lovin’ – How to Pack Light?

Frankly, with all the ordeal that comes with the wedding shenanigans, some newlyweds might find it kind of relaxing once the big day is over. After all, weddings are not the easiest of events to prepare for; you have the engagement party, the pre-wedding and well, the wedding itself – and that’s because we still haven’t mentioned the hoard of tasks you have to complete in order to get it all right.

So the idea of life after the wedding doesn’t sound so bad now, does it? In fact, the post-wedding phase is still in the newlyweds’ side of the “married life” spectrum, as there still is the ever-so famous honeymoon! Couples usually choose a tropical destination to relax after all the hectic events, but others might choose metropolitan cities that they have yet to discover. Today, we’re going to focus all our efforts on making your honeymoon packing a whole lot easier and that much lighter – you don’t want to come back with a herniated disk, do you now?

So ladies, read below as we take you through the fine art of travelling light (even if you’re dying to pack your entire closet with you).

  1. The best-case scenario here is to prepare everything in advance, before the wedding even happens. Because let’s face it, after the big day, you’ll be too tired to think about your food, let alone life itself. So yeah, the sooner you prepare yourself, the better.
  2. Second, you can never go wrong with a list of the things you need to pack. And no, we’re not talking about that dress you haven’t worn since your last day of high school. Also, consulting with your partner is never a bad idea, as you can ultimately optimize your packing options.
  3. Next, get your destination in check; finalize your travel plans and you’ll be able to set a list of your must-pack essentials accordingly. For instance, if you’re going to a beach destination, then it goes without saying that you’ll need to pack some swimsuits, some sundresses, sunglasses and sandals – amongst other stuff. If you’re going to a big city, you’ll probably be needing a pair of jeans, some sneakers and a bunch of savvy outfits for a fancy night out.
  4. But before you go all out with the packing shenanigans, check the weather first. Who knows, there might be rainy days and maybe even colder ones.
  5. Always divide your outfits between daywear and nightwear, that way, you won’t have it all confused in your head.
  6. Now the shoes; we women can never have enough of these beauties, but remember you only have two feet. So just pack the essentials and forget about these pair of funky shoes you bought on a whim 15 years ago.
  7. Pack less bottoms and more tops, that’s our motto.
  8. As for your bags, pick one for your daytime activities and another one for the night. And that’s us being generous.

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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A Romance on Sandy Beaches

You’re planning for your big day and deep down, you know that nothing beats a beach wedding at the end of the summer. As the sun rays become quite subtle to allow you to celebrate your love for the outdoors and the sea, a breeze comes to make the setting and your comfort something every bride dreams of! I don’t know about you but that’s my idea of a picture-perfect wedding. With destination weddings stealing the spotlights nowadays, it’s only natural for us to narrow down a list of 5 beaches that will certainly make their way to your list of dream places that will make your big day one to be forever remembered – by you and your guests.

Have you ever watched an animated series where its characters dance on the beach in flower crowns and long tasseled skirts? Well, this is Hawaii and believe it or not, it would be a great destination for your wedding with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean making for a perfect backdrop.

Second on the list is Goa, which brings together fun, adventure and peace in one of the most picturesque beach scenes in the world. No matter which resort or beach you choose, this place in India will never fail in making your big day a great one.

No list of beach wedding destinations can exclude Greece and more specifically Santorini. If you are looking for a romantic venue surrounded by the sea and beautiful scenes in blue and white, this is definitely your place to be.

Looking for an island where you can also stay for your honeymoon and relax? The Maldives will definitely offer you an experience like no other. With privacy and luxury taking over your wedding day, your expectations of a dreamy wedding will be exceeded.

Another one of those places where you can celebrate your wedding and spend your honeymoon is Bora Bora. This romantic paradise ends our list on a beautiful note.


Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Around the World with These Wedding Traditions

Cover Photo Courtesy of

Every country has its own traditions – whether in food, social activities, hospitality or anything else – and weddings are definitely not an exception. While every country in the Arab world has its own wedding traditions, the same applies to Europe and the rest of the world. Since you are a future bride that might be interested in adding to your knowledge in this field, or maybe opt for one of these exotic traditions that will make your wedding even more unique, we decided to take you on a journey around the world with these customs that make weddings in every country simply one-of-a-kind.

You might be thinking that’s all we have for you when it comes to meaningful wedding traditions around the world, but no ladies, stay tuned for more!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Find Your Groom’s Style With These Tips

Sure, the bride must always be the center of attention and we’re all rooting for her, but the groom should also get his fair share of attention, don’t you think? With that in mind, the whole process of wedding planning – from the decision-making process to the bridal gown and to the groom’s tuxedo - can be a little overwhelming, to say the least.

Where should you start, what should be on your top 5 “must do now” list and which other details can wait for a while? The questions are endless and the migraines even more so. But there’s a little detail that brides seem to forget about when planning for their wedding…the groom. What should he wear? Should he be matching the bride or is it a non-relevant detail?

Below, we explore some of the most trending styles a groom should always choose from, when getting ready for his big day.

  1. A classic tux is timeless and thus, it will never go out of style. So if the groom is a conventional kind-of-guy, a black tux is the way to go. And by black tux we mean, silk lapels and buttons and a white shirt.
  2. Adding a little spice and sharpness to a groom’s wedding look is always a good idea. That said, grooms can always go for the brighter route, ergo wearing a white tux to the wedding – and no, there’s no rule that says the groom can’t wear white.
  3. Non-traditional weddings call for non-traditional suits and tuxes. So if the groom wants to play it perky, then prints are the way to go. Having fun with prints can go from a simple pocket square to a tie, a formal shirt or even pants – gasp.
  4. How about a linen suit for a beach wedding? There’s nothing fresher and more fun than a good old linen suit to make you feel like you’ve organized the beach wedding of your dreams!
  5. If the groom is not a big fan of brogues or derbies or any kind of formal shoes for that matter, there’s no law against a good old pair of sneakers. PS: White shoes are of preference.
  6. And finally, if the groom is as wild as a fox, then mismatching the trousers and the jacket are not a bad idea after all – and perfect for a destination wedding, as a matter of fact.


Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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What Your Bridesmaids Are Not Telling You – 5 Things That Annoy Them

Having a good and solid bridal party is probably the best thing you can have – after the groom of course. So it only seems fair that the bride tries her best to please her bridesmaids, correct?

So bride-to-be, this time around, we’re addressing the conversation to you. Whether you like it or not, there are some things that you’re doing – although unintentionally – that might be really putting off your bridesmaids. You’re probably thinking to yourself right now “but it’s my day”. Well it is, but paying close attention to your bridesmaids’ feelings is of dire importance.

So, we’ve noticed that there are a few crucial details that can really annoy your bridal party if you don’t pay attention to them. Scroll down to find out more…


  1. The inevitable dress. Sure, the thunder is yours, but don’t go picking the absolute worst dress for your bridesmaid(s). Here’s the thing, while we know you have your bridesmaid’s interest at heart, you sometimes tend to forget about three important factors: her body type, her style and her financial standing.
  2. The hairdo. You know how you personally want to look your ultimate best when going to a wedding? Well so does everyone else. So you can understand if your bridesmaids want their hair done in a certain way, can’t you? That said, if you impose a common hairdo, you’re going to get burned at the stake.
  3. Ah, the shoes. The issue of height and whatnot has always been an impending question for the bridal party. What do you do if one of your bridesmaid is taller than you are? Well first things first, don’t undermine her. So what if she’s taller? You’ll be the queen of the ball with the fairytale dress either way, so don’t sweat it.
  4. Being ungrateful. If there’s one thing we know about bridesmaids is the length they would go to keep the bride happy. That could range from organizing the bachelorette party, the bridal shower and to helping out with the wedding itself. So failure to thank them is a big no-no.
  5. Finally, getting all worked-up if one of your bridesmaids can’t attend one of your many events. Don’t forget that we’re in the 21st century, which means you probably have friends from the four corners of the world. So say you’re organizing a big celebration and your living-abroad bridesmaid can’t make it; What would you do? For starters, don’t break out in hives – it’s nothing personal, we all have lives of our own and the important thing is that she makes it to your wedding.


Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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