Tips on Kids Etiquette with Lana Bawadkji – The Three Magic Words

In Etiquette with Lana’s world, magic does exist and when it comes to kids and building good relationships with their entourage, it comes in the shape of 3 words. ‘Please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘excuse me’ for etiquette expert Lana Bawadkji are every kid’s reflection of their good manners.

In fact, these 3 words show good attitude, respect and consideration towards the others. For instance, when a child laughs at another and then realizes that what they did is hurtful, apologizing shows their respect for the other’s feelings.

However, good manners can also come in the shape of interactive relationships at school, whether with friends or with teachers. From sharing activities to showing sympathy and offering help to friends in need, feeling secure and trusting other people, understand and forgive others’ mistakes, and knowing how to apologize for their own… these are all steps towards showing the good attitude and the respect your kids hold for the people they meet at school or elsewhere.

Article by Lana Bawadkji

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