This Season’s Favorite Nail Colors

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Like makeup, our collection of nail polish needs an update every season. As trends take over our style, every one of us should stay on the top of her beauty game and this can only be achieved with a beautiful set of nails. With all the hand sanitizers COVID-19 is making us use, our nails must be screaming for help and there is nothing wrong in stylishly satisfying their needs.

Every week, I make sure to give my nails the time they need to preserve their healthy and clean look. As for the colors, I am starting to feel that darker and more wintery shades are more appealing at this time of the year. With some brands revealing their nail novelties for winter, many shades can inspire us in this makeover, and we’ve taken the initiative to make the task easier on you. Therefore, join us to take a look at the nail polish colors that are all the rage right now!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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