Beauty with CHANEL Brings You Good Luck

For Gabrielle Chanel, many are the ways to keep luck on your side. As talented as superstitious, Mademoiselle Chanel surrounded herself with objects and symbols that served as talismans that gave her the freedom to achieve her dreams. They were inspirations for the designs in her collections and led to her most iconic signature styles. The LES SYMBOLES DE CHANEL collection is more than proof of that, especially with the 5 iconic symbols that the CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio reimagined as precious highlighters. Le Lion, La Comète, Le Camélia, Les Perles, and Les Chaînes become three subtle and sophisticated shades: Warm Gold, Precious Coral, and Pearly White, to offer you a sparkling shimmer designed to illuminate and enhance your complexion and future.

Le Lion, a symbol of strength, represents Gabrielle Chanel’s zodiac sign and mirrors her radiant and untamable personality.  
La Comète, a symbol of luck, gives off incandescent light, promising eternal luck to its owners.
Les Perles, a symbol of radiance, captures both warmth and light and illuminates the complexion, like the pearls themselves.
La Camélia, a symbol of harmony, continues to flourish like the flower itself, as it embodies steadfast beauty – harmonious and serene.
Les Chaînes, a symbol of style, refers to the chains with which Gabrielle Chanel broke the rules of her era when she added them to her bags.
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