Tag Along for a Balenciaga World Tour

Don’t you just miss traveling around the world unconditionally? That’s what Balenciaga thought so too, thus it decided to take us on a touristic journey as it introduces us to its Winter 2021 pre-collection. With the amazing looks caught through the lens of the talented photographer Patrick Welde, the beautiful destinations were added later on in post-production, amplifying the collection’s awesomeness. Oversized, fluid and rich with a vibrant color palette, these creations will get you ready again for the cold season with great comfort and an unparalleled style. Between the black coat inspired by a wedding dress, the different designs of wide-legged pants, the nineties tracksuits, the elegant yet comfortable hoodies and other remarkable creations, Balenciaga will take you from day to night with its multi-wear marvels for every occasion. 

For an extra dose of hope and happiness, Balenciaga also worked on a video entitled “Feel Good Video” exuding positivity with Kamilya Kuspanova, Heejoon Kwak and Anton Bialas. Check it out!  

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