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Statement Jewels To Party In

This year, I travelled to Las Vegas to bring you some of my new-finds from the Couture 2017 jewelry show. Here are two fiercely creative designers, who should be on your radar: Maria Canale and Marie Cabirou of Marie Mas. Their statement pieces are perfect for you to party in.

Maria Canale

Design veteran Maria Canale, who has created iconic collections for Tiffany &Co, Harry Winston, Mikimoto and Movado, among others, made her debut at the Couture show in Las Vegas this past June. With an assortment of 140 fine and high-jewelry designs, consisting of 80 current styles and 60 new pieces, Maria drew us into her world of exquisite creations of classic, fashion forward and casual styles. Her palette of greys, blues referenced by moonstones and sapphires as well as a smattering of diamonds were a visual treat no less. Maria’s inspiration is deeply driven by nature and architecture, as her greatest influence is the world around her: daily walks in NYC filled with inspiring architecture, as well as the coastal beauty of Rhode Island’s beaches and meadows are endless sources of inspiration and beauty. The jeweler is always sketching and working on new designs.


Marie Mas

What inspires an immensely fascinating debut collection? In the case of Paris-based jewelry designer Marie Cabirou, it was the ocean and its secret underwater world. She dived deep to soak up inspirations for her first collection – the Swinging Stones – featuring 32 captivating fine and high jewelry pieces, wherein each element is set with dual gemstones. These “jewels of movement” not only underscore Marie’s obsession with articulated pieces, but also her desire “to create jewels that come alive.’” A tribute to her maternal grandmother Henriette Mas, the brand Marie Mas hinges on innovative and patented techniques that employ colored stones – pink quartz and pink amethyst, London and Swiss blue topaz, blue moonquartz, African and Brazilian amethysts – that pivot daintily on the axes. Leveraging on experiences accrued from brands both big and small – Florence Croisier, Shourouk and Maison Christian Dior Couture – Marie adds her own distinct fashion twist to her jewelry, making them swing and dance merrily.


Smitha Sadanandan

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