Moonrise Leaves Impressive Culinary Traces in Dubai

Located on the rooftop of the luxury residential tower Eden House, Moonrise has a theatrical backdrop of the Dubai skyline and stunning views of Jumeirah’s beaches that create the perfect vibes for a memorable meal. However, the restaurant doesn’t have a set menu, but one that changes every few months to ensure the freshest and finest productions of the region are used for the Japanese and Middle Eastern fusion of flavors, ingredients and cooking techniques. These seasonal changes don’t affect the fact that the format remains the same, comprising 8 or 9 dishes that range in size from small bites to appetizer-sized plates, served up with a thoughtfully crafted beverage menu featuring mocktails that complement the complexity of the food ever-so-perfectly.

As for the seating, two different nightly setups are available at an exclusive 8-seater table where the chefs prepare dishes directly at the counter in front of guests. French Syrian Chef-Founder Solemann Haddad, who was born and raised in Dubai, is at the helm of Moonrise, putting not only his own multicultural background and experience at hand, but his heart as well in every portion. Turquoise mosaic tiles with marble accents, vivid tones, and ambient lighting along with locally crafted ceramics and tableware, come to complete this celebration of passion for ingredients-driven cuisine, beautiful craft and thoughtful conversation.  

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