Keep Your Skin Moisturized This Winter

Although winter weather gives you a feeling of coziness, it can cause serious damage to your skin. Just like the sun, the cold harsh weather can make your skin look and feel dry, unhealthy and lacking radiance. So, it’s very important to take into consideration the moisturizing effect of the skincare product you’re switching to this season.

Of course, you should always drink a lot of water. No matter how important the texture of the skincare products you’re using is, nothing can beat the effect of water on your body and skin. As for your beauty regimen, think about switching to products with richer texture. For instance, replace your usual face cream with a serum or a product with a rich texture and your body cream with oil or body butter.

Are you wondering what makes serums or oils different than a normal moisturizing cream? If your moisturizing cream is not very rich in texture, serums and oils penetrate deeply into your skin to increase your skin’s radiance, smoothness and suppleness while providing it with antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins. However, that doesn’t mean that other creams fail in providing your skin with the right amount of winter care. With this in mind, we have gathered a list of the most moisturizing skincare products out there.

To give your hands the right care, check out the 8 Hand Creams to Try Out This Season.


Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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5 Ways to Master the Bobby Pins Trend

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Pins are one of the beauty world’s latest trends and we must say, they’re most probably the most tempting. In fact, we never thought that these marvels from the 90s would witness such a strong comeback. However, as part of embracing this trend, we’ve scored some ways to enjoy it to the fullest.

1 – If you’re using plain bobby pins – whether they come in colors or in metallic hues – you can create patterns as far as your hair length allows you to. Think of intertwining two in the middle in order to get an X shape, or at the top in order to get the V shape. On one side or both sides, you might ask? Well, our answer would be the bolder, the better!

2 – If you like half up-dos, take a hair strand from the right and one from the left and gather them in the middle with three pins that form the shape of a triangle. Yes, as you can see, it’s all about flaunting your creativity.

3 – Short haired ladies can also find ways to master this trend and in this case, ladies, consider treating yourselves to some bobby pins adorned with motifs. Stars, seashells, pearls, flowers and even words have made this trend even more covetable. Pick two and secure the side strand from your hair with them in a way that shows off your stylish sense.

4 – For braid lovers, plain bobby pins can be a great way to compliment your favorite hairdo. Choose the colors that best suit your outfit and secure every left or right strand with one. Stick to one side in order to create a nice pattern without exaggeration.

5 – Do you like buns? Although this hairstyle looks so cute when it’s done in a messy way, it will look even better when paired with a motif-adorned bobby on one side, both sides or in the front part of your hair. It just adds that extra glamorous flair to your look!


Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Celebrate Your Father on His Day with a Fragrance

The day that celebrates fathers is fast approaching and the least you can do to celebrate yours and all that he’s done for you throughout your life is offer him a fragrance that most fits his character.

First of all, you should know which fragrance your father usually wears and decide whether to get him a day perfume or one that he’s going to wear to special evening occasions. While the first should always be based on his casual taste, the second should reflect unparalleled elegance paired with a unique sophisticated feel.

For the first option, you can choose fragrances with light, refreshing notes that reflect the summer spirit and the lightness required for a fresh look fit for hot weather. When it comes to black-tie events and special occasions, think of something that exudes luxury through warm woody notes and precious ingredients such as oud, amber and musk. The age also plays a big role in this equation, as younger dads would rather go for modern scents, while older ones prefer classics.

With all this information in mind, we decided to help you choose the perfect olfactory gift for your father by carefully narrowing down a list of the best and newest perfumes available out there. Check them out!

Hermès Parfums, Eau de Citron Noir
Hugo Boss, Bottled Oud Saffron
Guerlain, Habit Rouge Dress Code
Dior, Dior Homme Sport Very Cool Spray
Issey Miyake, Or Encens
Cartier, Heure Voyageuse Oud & Menthe
Louis Vuitton, Ombre Nomade
Gucci, Guilty Cologne
Trussardi, Riflesso
Dolce & Gabbana, Light Blue Sun

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Benefit Cosmetics Lands in UAE

To every beauty lover in the UAE, rejoice as Benefit Cosmetics lands in the country! The San Francisco-based beauty brand opened its first boutique in Al Ain to sweep you off of your feet with its wonderful products.

With this new opening, our beloved brand brings to the lively country its creative packaging, irreverent names and innovative beauty solutions to add to your beauty routine a touch of fun that only you can enjoy. A list of our favorite products will surely make you look and feel more beautiful – from Benetint to They’re Real mascara, the POREfessional face primer, Hoola Bronzer and Gimme Brow+.

And like in every country that welcomed Benefit Cosmetics, this boutique will be your favorite destination for both brow styling and brow products. In fact, isn’t it the least we can expect from a brand with 40 years of experience in brows and award-winning brow products? Therefore, it’s only natural to reach more than 50 locations across the five continents and we love Benefit for coming the United Arab Emirates.

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MAC Hyper Real Glow Palette Review

Cover Photo Courtesy of Sephora

There is something magical that happens when you use a highlighter by MAC, and you only understand that if you have tried one. I recently bought an amazing palette that has three gorgeous shades of glow.
Flash + Awe Palette includes a light pink which I like to use in the inner corner of my eyes. The Rosy glow in the middle is my jam; it’s still pink but not as light, so I love using it for that pop of highlight. 
Light the party
 is what I like to use in the summer when I have a little more color and it’s more of a peachy pink, almost gold looking. I even like mixing this with my body lotion; it’s just so pretty on the skin.
MAC is always very generous with their palettes. It’s an amazing price point for three highlighting powders in one. It’s super light which is great for traveling, and has a little mirror in case you need to add some glow on the go. They recommend using a fan brash, but I just love using my ring finger. It literally feels like velvet powder it is so soft and fine. I love how it looks with a little spray of MAC Prep + Prime Fix+.

If you forget your eyeshadow palette, don’t worry as we got you covered with these shades; just pop one on your lid with your finger. I do have to mention that besides the rose gold version I bought, it also comes in a gold option called “Get it Glowing.”


Article Written by Aline Agopian

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Benefit’s “Bold is Beautiful” Takes UAE

If it weren’t for the beauty world, how would we women feel gorgeous? Well, Benefit Cosmetics definitely knows a thing or two about this and proves once again that beauty is about how you feel about yourself. With this in mind, the San Francisco-based brand launches its philanthropy project “Bold is Beautiful” in the UAE. As part of this campaign, Benefit will donate 100% of proceeds from brow waxes in the month of June and 100% of 3D BROWtones magenta proceeds to local charities that aim at empowering women and girls to believe in themselves and fulfill their dreams. 

“As a billion-dollar global cosmetics brand, we searched for ways to make a deeper and more lasting change in the lives of women and girls, and we realized that we were always passionate about empowering women,” said Annie Ford Danielson, Chief Beauty Ambassador, daughter and niece of Benefit’s co-founders. “We always believed that beauty runs deeper than the surface and after decades of helping women look and feel their best, we wanted to take this philosophy beyond the beauty counter by launching the Bold is Beautiful Project.”

Since the debut of this campaign in 2015, the brand was able to raise and donate 16.5 million dollars to local charities around the world, believing that every small contribution counts. So, join the crowd this year and believe that too!

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Spring Clean Your Vanity

If you haven’t heard about the Konmari method yet, what are you waiting for? You need to read her book or at least “google” her. I am all about Spring cleaning and making my space more organized and tidier, so the vanity is definitely a challenge for me. It’s safe to say I have way too much “stuff” in my vanity, but with a little organization we can get it looking clean again.

First off, wash all your brushes, because we both know it’s been a while. While you are at it, toss any brushes that you aren’t really using or that are literally breaking apart and need to be parted with.

Next step is categorize: haircare, skincare and makeup. Those are the three major ones. Of course, once you do this, makeup for example will have lipstick, eyeshadow etc. I also like to have an “everyday” drawer, which pretty much holds a tinted moisturizer, a blush etc. Go through each category or subcategory and toss what you don’t need. Let’s say you come across a dark vampy lipstick, that you know you only like in the winter, put it in a “FALL/WINTER” box. Next time you are out shopping, before you head over to cosmetics you will know what you actually “need” as opposed to something you have tons of. 


Article Written by Aline Agopian

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