How to Wear Hats – The Do’s and Don’ts

A wise man once said “For every head, a hat”. Although we’re not so sure where that piece of wisdom came from, we do think that wearing a hat requires a big mastery! Throwing one on without considering the options could go very wrong, very quickly- a faux-pas we wouldn’t wish upon our worst enemies! There was once a time when wearing a hat was considered a high-bourgeoisie move, one that only elite people could pull off. Fast- forward to today, every single person that knows a little bit about fashion owns a hat- be it a fedora or a baseball cap! One thing people should really consider while wearing a hat is their physical morphology. Another thing might just be the circumstance, but we won’t annoy you with these tidbits just now.

Want to look like a hat guru? Follow our simple rules!

Do consider your options. There are so many styles for you to choose from that you must really narrow down your preferences.

Don’t use a hat to cover a bad hair day. If you’re having one of those, wearing a hat will just make things worse. And there’s nothing worse than hat hair!

Do study your height. If you’re tall, wear a wide-brimmed hat.

Don’t pull a matchy-matchy. Diversity is key! Mix up the colors and the fabrics as much as you can.

Do consider the size. You don’t want your hat to cover your pretty face and you don’t want it to squeeze your brain out either.

Don’t forget about your facial proportions. Round faces call for wide-brimmed hats to elongate them while long faces call for small fedoras to even things out.

Don’t expect a hat to save you from a bad outfit. If it’s bad, it’s bad. Forget about the hat and change your clothes!

Are you ready to hat the streets?


Cindy Menassa

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