Dress Your Head with the Right Hat

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Choosing the right hat can be a little confusing, as the one you might like might not suit your face shape. How to make the right choice? Knowing that balance is key, here are a few guidelines!

To balance a round face shape, any style that will elongate it is considered a good choice. A fedora, a trilby with a wide brim, or a beanie pulled low over the face are all great picks for you.

For those with a long face, shortening the length is most probably what your choice of hat should do. Therefore, avoid beanies at any cost and opt for a fedora with a short crown or a wide-brimmed sun hat.

A square face is one with strong, angular features and softening them a bit is key. Therefore, a hat with rounded lines is what will balance them out. Think a fedora with a rounded crown, a bucket hat or a wide-brimmed sun one.

When it comes to heart-shaped faces, the best way to help balance their proportions is opting for hats with a medium brim that is wider at the bottom. In fact, hats such as a baseball cap or a fedora with a clipped brim or an angle will add balance to your wide upper face and narrow jaw.

Considered the ideal face for hats, those with an oval one are lucky to be able to pull off almost any hat style, from fedoras to sun hats and wide-brimmed ones.

Finally, we get to diamond-shaped faces. If you are one with this face shape, note that the way you wear your hat is as important as the hat style you choose to wear. Your face stands out by its wide top part and narrow jaw, so whether you choose a beanie or a hat with a shallow crown like a pork pie, make sure to wear it further back on your head.

When choosing the perfect hat, this is not all that you should take into consideration. Well, needless to say that your character and personality also come into play when making your choice. So, always remember to add a little bit of “YOU” into the mix!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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