Honeymoon Lovin’ – How to Pack Light?

Frankly, with all the ordeal that comes with the wedding shenanigans, some newlyweds might find it kind of relaxing once the big day is over. After all, weddings are not the easiest of events to prepare for; you have the engagement party, the pre-wedding and well, the wedding itself – and that’s because we still haven’t mentioned the hoard of tasks you have to complete in order to get it all right.

So the idea of life after the wedding doesn’t sound so bad now, does it? In fact, the post-wedding phase is still in the newlyweds’ side of the “married life” spectrum, as there still is the ever-so famous honeymoon! Couples usually choose a tropical destination to relax after all the hectic events, but others might choose metropolitan cities that they have yet to discover. Today, we’re going to focus all our efforts on making your honeymoon packing a whole lot easier and that much lighter – you don’t want to come back with a herniated disk, do you now?

So ladies, read below as we take you through the fine art of travelling light (even if you’re dying to pack your entire closet with you).

  1. The best-case scenario here is to prepare everything in advance, before the wedding even happens. Because let’s face it, after the big day, you’ll be too tired to think about your food, let alone life itself. So yeah, the sooner you prepare yourself, the better.
  2. Second, you can never go wrong with a list of the things you need to pack. And no, we’re not talking about that dress you haven’t worn since your last day of high school. Also, consulting with your partner is never a bad idea, as you can ultimately optimize your packing options.
  3. Next, get your destination in check; finalize your travel plans and you’ll be able to set a list of your must-pack essentials accordingly. For instance, if you’re going to a beach destination, then it goes without saying that you’ll need to pack some swimsuits, some sundresses, sunglasses and sandals – amongst other stuff. If you’re going to a big city, you’ll probably be needing a pair of jeans, some sneakers and a bunch of savvy outfits for a fancy night out.
  4. But before you go all out with the packing shenanigans, check the weather first. Who knows, there might be rainy days and maybe even colder ones.
  5. Always divide your outfits between daywear and nightwear, that way, you won’t have it all confused in your head.
  6. Now the shoes; we women can never have enough of these beauties, but remember you only have two feet. So just pack the essentials and forget about these pair of funky shoes you bought on a whim 15 years ago.
  7. Pack less bottoms and more tops, that’s our motto.
  8. As for your bags, pick one for your daytime activities and another one for the night. And that’s us being generous.

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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Books We Love – The Big Book of Chic

By Miles Redd 

Cover Photo Courtesy of Assouline

Quirky, cozy and glamorous are nothing but a few ways to describe the aesthetic vision of Miles Redd, the internationally acclaimed interior designer. Playful mélanges of contrasts set his unique work apart, especially when joined by vibrant splashes of color and modern touches. After opening his own design firm in New York City’s NoHo neighborhood in 1998, he was tapped creative director at Oscar de la Renta Home in 2003. 

The least such an interior design sensation could do is spread his beautiful art across the globe with a book and that’s exactly what The Big Book of Chic is set to do. This 300-page release features illustrations of rooms bursting with boldness, fantasy and sophistication. It gives us a glimpse into the inspiration that fuels him and therefore, inspires everyone interested in eclectic design. From his own townhouse and beach house to projects he achieved in Houston, Atlanta, Millbrook and Locust Valley, this volume is a treat to all interior design enthusiasts. 

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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The Best Bedtime Stories for Your Baby Boy

You might think that reading to your child before going to sleep is nothing but a nighttime routine that makes tucking him into bed less of a hassle, but the truth is that there’s more so much more to story time then just routine. Not only does it help you bond with him, but bedtime reading actually enhances his brain’s development.

In fact, reading decreases his stress levels after a day full of activity – which explains why bedtime stories give your kid sweet dreams. In addition, it improves his logic skills and that’s why it’s so great that you repeat the story when your child asks to read the it again because kids don’t catch everything from the first time. It also helps him master languages faster thanks to the words they hear from you and the sentences that tell the story.

With all this in mind, we have gathered some books that your little boy will definitely enjoy. Also remember that this nighttime routine will be the reason behind making bedtime such an enjoyable and comfortable moment for both your angel and you!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Chopard’s Happy Must-Haves

Diamonds are there to always make women happy and what actually make them happier are dancing diamonds! Exuding joy and elegance, Chopard’s Happy Diamonds collection - which is available at Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons - makes the heart of every woman who wears these playful creations skip a beat. With every new selection of pieces that Chopard unveils under the name of Happy Diamonds, elegance gets redefined and jewelry proves once again to be a reason behind the smile of a sophisticated woman who never misses the chance to update her jewelry box with novelties.

In addition to carrying a message of love and joy, Chopard’s new Happy Hearts and Happy Hearts Wings jewelry pieces earn their place as the house’s new talismans of happiness, accompanying the modern woman through her daily adventures and drawing a smile on her face with nothing but a simple look at them every now and then.

One heart became a bouquet of hearts – spreading even more love through a necklace that embraces your neck with elegance. The same goes for the earrings, in which the heart has doubled to leave one resting against the earlobe and another positioned beneath the ear. More freedom and lightness is expressed through the new Happy Hearts Wings pieces – which bring together three hearts to create a butterfly effect.

With these novelties, Chopard proves once again that “Little Diamonds Do Great Things”. Join us and check out the new “happy” must-haves.

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Where to Spend the Holidays This Year?

Oh yes, it’s November and only a few days separate us from the joyful holiday season! That’s right, we don’t travel this month yet there is a vacation to plan for the coming one. We’re not just about an ordinary one, we’re talking about destinations filled with the warmth and fun that your children look for in a December trip.

With this in mind, here are 5 European cities that will leave you in awe of how magical this time of the year could be.

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Stay Calm…And Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Cover Photo Credit of

Planning your wedding hasn’t been the easiest task on your checklist and odds are you’re already panicking over the smallest details as we speak. But that’s exactly when you should take a step back and reevaluate your priorities. The dress-shopping experience has always been a milestone in a woman’s life. After all, we’ve all dreamt about that moment your maid-of-honor and bridesmaid sit in the lavish bridal boutique sipping on champagne and waiting for you as you try on the hoard of gowns you’ve chosen. And while that seems like a plausible scenario, truth is, there are a lot of ups and downs that come with this shopping experience. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t enjoy every single moment of this journey, as there will come a time where you will be looking back at these days and dreaming they weren’t already over.

And so, to make this part the most exciting one, we’ve decided to share with you a couple of our tried-and-true tips to get you through this process…sanely.


  1. Choosing the theme of the wedding and the style of your dress come hand in hand together. With that in mind, make sure the two of them are aligned before going any further with the decision-making process.
  2. Do a little research on the bridal brands you’d like to sift through. Make a list and proceed by elimination.
  3. Don’t start shopping for you wedding dress too early – because you’ll miss out on the new collection – and don’t take too much time to do so either. The perfect time to start looking around is from 9 to 12 months before your wedding day.
  4. That said, keep in mind that bridal collections are released seasonally, both in October and in April.
  5. Another important tip to keep in mind is to always have realistic expectations about your body. Don’t try out a dress thinking it will look better once you lose weight. Love your body the way it is and learn how to make the best out of it with a few simple styling tricks. You’ll feel better afterwards, we promise!
  6. Don’t let the opinions of others overwhelm you. Bring one to two family members or friends with you to the wedding-dress hunt and always listen to your gut. In the end, it’s your opinion – and only yours – that matters.

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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Get A Taste of Mouthwatering Sushi at Palazzo Versace

Brilliant in different sectors, but under the same sky of luxury and elegance we are lucky to have a brand that offers us everything we need to feel complete. From clothes to bags, fine jewelry, fragrances, watches and other beautiful creations, the Italian brand Versace pampers us not only with boutiques and shops but with its famous “La Piscina” by Palazzo Versace as well. Since November 4, an amazing sushi-day event is held at the latter every Friday from 1 Pm to 4 Pm where three of the most skilled sushi chefs prepare creative and elegant sushi buckets with the help of La Piscina’s Director of Culinary and F&B at Palazzo Versace in Dubai, Mansour Memarian. A variety of Japanese rolls and Nigiris are presented on dry ice, but these are not the only thing you will enjoy as you will be sitting by the pool surrounded by breath taking green sights and a theatrical ambiance.

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