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Hala Al Gergawi Counts Her “One of Not Many” Experience with Vacheron Constantin

Hala Al Gergawi is a true example of an ambitious Emirati woman. With her noticeable entrepreneurial skills, the founder and CEO of local luxury consultancy Tea Before Noon has paved her way to become one of the 3 inspirational mentors of Vacheron Constantin’s “One of Not Many” Mentorship Program. What does she have to say about this initiative? Let’s find out in this interview.

How did your career influence you to take part of Vacheron Constantin’s “One of Not Many” initiative?

As Founder and CEO of Tea Before Noon, I have partnered with Vacheron Constantin to facilitate “One of Not Many Mentorship Program”. We have worked very closely on every single detail around the program’s offering, branding, Mentors profiling etc.

My passion to what we do at TBN, to Zayed University and to my community was too obvious to Vacheron Constantin Team; I wanted to give more.

Being proud alumni of Zayed University, it was a great moment when I received the invitation from Alexander Schmiedt, Vacheron Constantin regional brand director, to come on board not only as a partner but also as a mentor to share my accumulated experience throughout my career journey and to contribute in shaping the younger generation career goals and vision.

I am proud to say that I was in the first class of graduates from Zayed University, and when Vacheron Constantin approached me to be part of the “One of Not Many” Mentorship Program in collaboration with Zayed University, it allowed me to remember my university days and appreciate my personal mentors and how this affects me currently in my day-to-day personal and professional life. To be a mentor to anyone, but most importantly a current student from Zayed University, is a great honor and allows me to continue my path and career of being an entrepreneur, working across many incredibly successful and meaningful clients and collaborations.

How does this initiative represent you as an ambitious woman?

“One of Not Many” Mentorship Program is a unique, tailored program driven by one mission, which is empowering the young Emirati woman in whatever field she is passionate about, and most importantly empowering her through her own community. The program features inspirational Emirati women with successful stories, who share the same ambition to excel, same passion to achieve and same values, to mentor the selected students for 6 months and prepare them to kick off their career journey.

Being ambitious has no boundaries. Much like Vacheron Constantin, I am creative and willing to step outside of my comfort zone, to learn new lessons and be surrounded by the unknown. This really allows for my passion to strive and for my success to really show and continue to grow. I would genuinely like for other Emirati women to follow their dreams, to dream big and one day it will come to life – we all have the desire in us to learn, and being part of this mentorship program allows me to give, be and show how ambitious I have been and will continue to be.

As the founder and CEO of “Tea Before Noon” luxury consultancy, what makes the “One of Not Many” initiative so aligned with your values?

“Do better if possible, and that is always possible” François Constantin uttered these words on July 5, 1819; these exact words were the starting point for our initiative, it reminds me of our belated Sheikh Zayed and his passion for excellence & innovation through hard work and dedication, while maintaining our cultural values, our heritage and legacy. These are common values with Vacheron Constantin and are at the core of what we do at TBN. Our mission is to bridge Emirati talents with international luxury brands and maintain a dialogue between the regional and international creative industries through unique initiatives.

I believe in offering the best services, to make every moment a memorable experience, and similar to Tea Before Noon, the “One of Not Many” Mentorship Program really does reflect that in many ways. From the complete design and the mechanics of the program to the chosen mentors, the collaboration with Zayed University and what the students will be promised and have access to before, during and after the program, everything is aligned with my values.

As a luxury watchmaking house, how does Vacheron Constantin pay tribute to ambitious women like you?

The “One of Not Many” Mentorship Program is the perfect example and reflection of this. The Maison has brought together six incredibly successful Emirati women, all with a passion and stories from different backgrounds, which will now be passed on along with their knowledge and wisdom to the younger while inspiring audience and students of Zayed University. To choose to launch such a meaningful program, here in the UAE with all women, is a true positive message that no other watchmaking house has done either locally or internationally.

What is your favorite Vacheron Constantin timepiece?

Égerie designs and inspiration goes along beautifully with our Abayas and Kaftans. We have dedicated an exclusive collaboration between Vacheron Constantin and Mauzan, the leading Emirati luxury fashion brand since 1991, to create 7 Abaya designs inspired by Égerie collection. The collaboration celebrates the skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail that exist in both watchmaking and abaya couture.

How do you think you being part of this initiative will leave a mark on the Emirati women community?

With a strong social and professional female circle, I will talk to and educate all the women within my Emirati community about the program, while advising them about Vacheron Constanin and how it connects with them too. As they see Emirati women being included and being a dominant force in this program, they will believe in its messaging and lead to a positive opinion about the Maison’s timepieces and values.

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