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Dress Your Turtleneck with Sparkle

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As stylish ladies, we always consider jewelry as an essential part of our outfits, no matter the occasion or the destination. Trending right now are turtlenecks, which have been around for a while to reach the peak of fame lately and take over our wardrobes. However, wearing necklaces with these stylish must-haves can be quite tricky, so here are a few guidelines on how to fashionably dress them with sparkle!

Volume is the first element that stands in our way when choosing a pendant to wear with a turtleneck. Therefore, you need to up your game with one featuring a bigger motif and creating a balance between its design and the high, voluminous collar. Since chokers are a no-no in this case, sautoirs come to the rescue when simply thrown on your neck or wrapped around your neck in two asymmetrical rows.

Stacking can also be possible when wearing a turtleneck. With this in mind, don’t hesitate to pair a slightly long pendant with a sautoir for additional sparkle. Now that we’re put you on the right path, here are some of our favorite necklaces to be worn with high-collar tops.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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