Aseel Omran and Fauré Le Page’s Collaboration in an Interview

Through the collaboration that brought together Aseel Omran and Fauré Le Page, a new era of cultural fusion has begun. The Saudi actress starred in the brand’s latest campaign as the first Middle Eastern celebrity to collaborate with Fauré Le Page – building a bridge between cultures and celebrating their shared values.

To mark this new journey, Azyaamode ran an interview with Aseel Omran, in which the actress shares insights on this experience and much more.  

As the first Middle Eastern ambassador to collaborate with Fauré Le Page, what does this experience mean to you?

The collaboration stands as a landmark occasion in the fashion world. This collaboration sets a precedent for greater inclusivity, diversity, and representation. This campaign is not just about fashion; it's about bridging cultures, celebrating shared values, and embracing the beauty of unity. It is a proud moment that comes with a big responsibility.

What are the values that you and the brand share?

I am a strong advocate of diversity and the appeal of timeless style and Fauré Le Page represents those as well.

How does the brand’s style speak to you?

Apart from its unique heritage, Fauré Le Page has beautiful craftmanship, and inspiring stories behind the creation of each piece.

Tell us about the Aseel Omran x Fauré Le Page collection.

The campaign highlights the beauty of the creations and is curated to the discerning tastes of the modern generation. It is a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary style.

Which is your favorite piece of the collection and why?

The Parade because it is stunning, chic, and the perfect size. It is a lovely bag that you can dress up or down for any occasion, truly a timeless classic.

Do you believe that this collaboration is the first of many or a one-time experience?  

This collaboration is a breakthrough that marks the beginning of hopefully many more experiences with the Middle East. I am honored that I was chosen to be the first, let’s see what the future holds.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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