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Watches to Take You from Day to Night during the Festive Season

Photo Courtesy of OMEGA

We are not bragging but ladies like us are known for always having their look on point regardless of the time and occasion. And the fact that the festive season is fast approaching makes you want to give your elegance more attention. We all know that during the holidays, get-togethers and nights out might happen at the spur of a moment, and that’s why you should always be ready to head out in pure elegance even if you’re doing so from the office.

Whether you’re wearing a skirt, jeans or a dress, your watch is one of the elements that should scream elegance while remaining subtle. Make sure to steer clear from looking exaggerated and opt for a timepiece that will complete every outfit you wear and take you from day to night in elegance and style. Visit the Photo Gallery to take a look at our picks!


Mirella Haddad

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