Totes for Your Summer Adventures

Cover Photo Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

As fashionistas, I guess we all know what summer days are. And if you’re not aware yet, they are all about shopping, fun, road trips, beach outings and picnics. And when it comes to this kind of plans, being practical is key and the best way to go is by taking a fashionable turn that offers you style and practicality on a silver plate. Well, totes – or shopping bags, as some might call them – are desirable on ordinary days. So, how can they not be the ultimate choice during this season?

Available in many styles and materials, these must-haves will happily carry all you need wherever you go while adding a touch of casual cool to your outfits. Have we got you excited to the point of wondering why you didn’t have the audacity yet to invest in these essentials? It’s ok, carry your ordinary bag for a last outing this summer and head out for a shopping spree. But before, take a look at our faves!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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