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The Solitaire Game – What Does Your Ring Say About You?

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He might surprise you by popping up the question at an unexpected time, but what you are sure of is that he made the perfect choice for the ring that will sparkle on your finger. Why? Because he knows you so well that he decided to spend the rest of his life with you and the way he sees you helped him in take this decision.

We know that ladies have their ways in hinting at what they like the most, so this finger delight is certainly one that best describes you. So, what does it exactly say about you through the precious stone that adorns it? Let’s find out!

1 – Round-shaped diamond

Standing the test of time is this diamond shape that gives the ring it adorns an unbeatable classic allure. It speaks of its wearer’s elegance, traditional style and honest personality.

2 – Princess-shaped diamond

Similar in brilliance to the round shape, this square shape embodies beauty and elegance with an edge. It’s for the woman who’s trendy, fun-loving, lively, spontaneous and romantic at heart.          

3 – Emerald-shaped diamond

It exudes strength and boldness through its long facets and layered corners. Its sophistication and precision address a straightforward, hard-working woman who enjoys exuberant fashion.

4 – Oval-shaped diamond

Captivating and elegant, this elongated round shape is ideal for long, slender fingers, especially those of a bright woman with a creative spirit and daring personality.

5 – Pear-shaped diamond

Stylish and bold at the same time, this shape resembling a teardrop combine tradition and brilliance. It speaks the language of brides who are always in quest for adventures, excitement and all things unexpected.

6 – Marquise-shaped diamond

With plenty of sparkle and a one-of-a-kind aristocratic flair, this shape redefines glamour in every sense of the word. It is simply made for women with a larger-than-life personality and an edginess that can’t go unnoticed.

7 – Cushion-shaped diamond

Classic with an antique kind of romantic appeal, this cut displays large facets and rounded corners that exude royalty in the most feminine of ways. Only a team player and a woman who fully embraces her future while knowing that it’s dictated by her past can pull it off.

8 – Heart-shaped diamond

As one of the rarest stone shapes, this one not only speaks of love but also of packing a statement. Therefore, it is perfect for women who like to stand out from the pack and catch all the attention while expressing their feelings in the purest of forms.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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