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Shine Bright with Rose Dior Pop Collection

For the 20th anniversary of Dior’s jewelry world, Victoire de Castellane designed the amazing Rose Dior Pop collection. The latter reinterprets the rose flower – which holds a special place in Monsieur Dior’s heart – in boldly hued lacquer versions of different colors like violet, blue, green, pink and red. These gold rings are adorned with five petals which are centered with a matching colored stone that illuminates each of the pieces in a special way, creating a beautiful contrast with the white diamonds. And the result? A beautiful rose wrapped around your fingers but with thorns that will make you smile!     

There’s no better way to embody the remarkable savoir-faire of Dior’s jewelry workshops other than with these shining colorful rings that reflect the passion for color shared by Victoire de Castellane and Christian Dior. Elegant, sensual and unique, these breathtaking pieces will adorn your fingers perfectly. Luckily for us, these vivid creations are now available in the Middle East. I know I’m getting mine now, but what are YOU waiting for?

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