Rocking Mid-Seasonal Style with the Right Shoes

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Whether you’re planning for your September getaway to a European haven or starting to give your wardrobe the mid-seasonal makeover that’s going to take you from the hot summer months to the slightly colder ones of fall, picking the right, versatile and most stylish shoes is part of this hard task.

Well in fact, this is the time to invest in pairs that are too closed to be worn during summer yet too fragile to be worn during winter. Think closed-toe mules, shoes made of fabric that is not water-resistant such as satin, kitten-heeled slingbacks and ballerinas – to name a few. And the fact that our favorite brands offer a variety of styles that can be worn on a normal day, as well as ones fit for a night out, makes the task of choosing a whole lot easier. So, without further ado, join us in the Photo Gallery as we showcase some of our favorite pairs.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad


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