Not Your Average Pedi

I recently discovered something new at the nail salon. I’m usually a gel mani and regular pedi kind of girl. It works out perfectly because after two weeks when my gel starts to grow out I get a relaxing pedicure as well. I’m not big on change, but I recently went to the salon and forgot to bring my flip flops, so the nail technician offered to do a gel pedicure. I said no at first, but then I thought why not? I couldn’t believe how perfect my pedi looked and lasted three weeks. To be honest it might even be longer than that because I haven’t been back to remove them yet. Granted it is winter and I’m not really wearing open toe shoes, so a pedicure is not as much of a priority now, but I am shocked at how good my toesies still look. What I love even more is that I literally threw my socks and tennis shoes back on without the fear of smudging my polish! I am a changed woman! Not only will this save me time and money but my polish will look shiny for weeks! Also, this solves the issue of matching your gel nail color to your toes. It’s just a win-win situation.


Aline Agopian

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Benefit’s “Bold is Beautiful” Takes UAE

If it weren’t for the beauty world, how would we women feel gorgeous? Well, Benefit Cosmetics definitely knows a thing or two about this and proves once again that beauty is about how you feel about yourself. With this in mind, the San Francisco-based brand launches its philanthropy project “Bold is Beautiful” in the UAE. As part of this campaign, Benefit will donate 100% of proceeds from brow waxes in the month of June and 100% of 3D BROWtones magenta proceeds to local charities that aim at empowering women and girls to believe in themselves and fulfill their dreams. 

“As a billion-dollar global cosmetics brand, we searched for ways to make a deeper and more lasting change in the lives of women and girls, and we realized that we were always passionate about empowering women,” said Annie Ford Danielson, Chief Beauty Ambassador, daughter and niece of Benefit’s co-founders. “We always believed that beauty runs deeper than the surface and after decades of helping women look and feel their best, we wanted to take this philosophy beyond the beauty counter by launching the Bold is Beautiful Project.”

Since the debut of this campaign in 2015, the brand was able to raise and donate 16.5 million dollars to local charities around the world, believing that every small contribution counts. So, join the crowd this year and believe that too!

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Spring Clean Your Vanity

If you haven’t heard about the Konmari method yet, what are you waiting for? You need to read her book or at least “google” her. I am all about Spring cleaning and making my space more organized and tidier, so the vanity is definitely a challenge for me. It’s safe to say I have way too much “stuff” in my vanity, but with a little organization we can get it looking clean again.

First off, wash all your brushes, because we both know it’s been a while. While you are at it, toss any brushes that you aren’t really using or that are literally breaking apart and need to be parted with.

Next step is categorize: haircare, skincare and makeup. Those are the three major ones. Of course, once you do this, makeup for example will have lipstick, eyeshadow etc. I also like to have an “everyday” drawer, which pretty much holds a tinted moisturizer, a blush etc. Go through each category or subcategory and toss what you don’t need. Let’s say you come across a dark vampy lipstick, that you know you only like in the winter, put it in a “FALL/WINTER” box. Next time you are out shopping, before you head over to cosmetics you will know what you actually “need” as opposed to something you have tons of. 


Article Written by Aline Agopian

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The Ultimate List of Beach Beauty Essentials

What’s in your beach bag? No, we’re not talking about your slippers, swimsuit and towel. We’re talking about your beach beauty bag, which will carry the secret to your wonderful look after a day in the sun!

What’s in this bag is set to give you the healthy, glowing look you’ll be flaunting all summer long! Consider your visit to the beach a chance to benefit from a balanced skin care routine coupled with the golden sunrays that will ensure you a bronzed complexion every woman wishes for.

Your beach beauty pouch should not only carry products for your skin, but also for your hair and lips. Keeping yourself moisturized is essential when you’re exposing your body to the sun, so make sure to drink plenty of water and choose the right products to tan without getting burned!

Check out our list and start getting beach-ready to perfection!


Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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A New Story with Bvlgari’s Serpenti Viper Novelties

Check out Bvlgari’s Serpenti Viper novelties here.

Spring is the season of renewal and Bvlgari definitely knows a thing or two about this. So, the Italian high jewelry house unveils new Serpenti Viper marvels – adding charm and mystery to this iconic collection.

These novelties take snake scales, which constitute a cornerstone in the design and aesthetic of this line, to new levels through 3 bracelets crafted from 18-carat pink gold and colorful touches that recall the multi-colored skin of the snake. From the rich green of malachite to the fiery red of carnelian and the elegant black of onyx, you will get to explore its sources of inspiration that never cease to impress us.

Under the title of “Little Secrets of Seduction”, Bvlgari launches a new digital campaign that depicts the powerful and elegant personality of the Viper woman as it unfolds her irresistible charm. And for this campaign, the Roman jewelry house taps Nadine Nassib Njeim as 2019’s face of Serpenti Viper in the Middle East. The Lebanese actress embodies the spirit of the iconic collection through her outstanding beauty and her captivating charm.

In a series of short films, Bvlgari accompanies Nadine Njeim to different locations in order to capture the character of the Serpenti Viper woman. Her journey starts when she wakes up and turns off the alarm then starts preparing herself and wearing her jewelry as a true Bvlgari woman does. It continues with her passing through the hotel corridor, where she drops her necklace and a handsome man catches it and gets charmed by her elegance. As she sits in an Italian café and waits for her coffee, she realizes that her necklace has disappeared. Soon enough, the waiter comes and brings her the coffee along with the pendant. A bright smile illuminates her face when she discovers that the handsome man gave her back the pendant, predicting the start of a treasured love story. A true Bvlgari fairytale…

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Waterproof Makeup Faves

When it comes to waterproof makeup, there is one way to find out if it does the job; getting wet! Here is a list of our tried and tested favorites.

While buying mascara, I am always careful not to buy waterproof because it is so hard to remove. There are some occasions where waterproof is a must like a scorching hot day, or when you will be crying tears of joy while your best friend gets married. On days like this, our go to is Dior Diorshow Waterproof Mascara.

If you read the word Pro-Longwear on a MAC foundation, concealer or lipstick let me just say that it will not move. I used to test out the lip liner and eyeliner colors on the back of my hand, take a shower and still see them on my hand!  If you don’t already know from previous articles, this is my favorite concealer ever because I put it on in the morning, and it is on until I wash my face at night. 

What’s the main thing you don’t want to be caught without? Eyebrows. Ever go to the gym and get a glimpse of yourself in the mirror only to see you have sweated off your brows? To avoid this scary situation the brow genius herself has the perfect answer. Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade. If it’s your first time using it, I do suggest some practice before the big day because a little goes a long way so practice with your brush. 

Last but not least, a blush that stays on. With all the hello-cheek-kisses, most of our blush has disappeared by the time we have greeted everyone at the party. TARTE

Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush stays on, but also looks natural because only clowns should still have tons of blush on after getting drenched!


Article Written by Aline Agopian

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Let’s Welcome Bandanas and Headbands Back!

Ladies, you must have noticed that bandanas and headbands are making a major comeback to the fashion scene this season – and it seems that they are here to stay, at least for a while! Therefore, it’s totally inappropriate to let this trend go unnoticed so, let’s rejoice the fact that it’s here just in time for summer. Of course, you must also know that what makes us so sure about this is their appearance on the runways, and we don’t mean the Spring-Summer 2019 ones only, but also those of Fall-Winter 2019-2020.

These pieces are so versatile that you can wear them with almost everything. While some brands like Dior presented clean looks using these creations of the past, some others like Dolce & Gabbana went all out by pairing them with oversized earrings. If you think that the list ends here, you’re absolutely wrong! The runways proved that this trend is for everybody; yes, whether you have short, long, sleek or curly hair, every look has its own character and stylish feel. Some brands have even reached new territories, offering options that are ideal for a special occasion or a soirée – leaving you no choice but to embrace this trend to the fullest!

If you think that’s quite impressive just like we do, we’ve gathered a list of runway looks that constitute a great source of inspiration to you and to every stylish woman. Check them out!


Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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