Not Your Average Pedi

I recently discovered something new at the nail salon. I’m usually a gel mani and regular pedi kind of girl. It works out perfectly because after two weeks when my gel starts to grow out I get a relaxing pedicure as well. I’m not big on change, but I recently went to the salon and forgot to bring my flip flops, so the nail technician offered to do a gel pedicure. I said no at first, but then I thought why not? I couldn’t believe how perfect my pedi looked and lasted three weeks. To be honest it might even be longer than that because I haven’t been back to remove them yet. Granted it is winter and I’m not really wearing open toe shoes, so a pedicure is not as much of a priority now, but I am shocked at how good my toesies still look. What I love even more is that I literally threw my socks and tennis shoes back on without the fear of smudging my polish! I am a changed woman! Not only will this save me time and money but my polish will look shiny for weeks! Also, this solves the issue of matching your gel nail color to your toes. It’s just a win-win situation.


Aline Agopian

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