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L’Atelier Nawbar and Nathalie Fanj Bring Back the Nineties

There’s nothing better than reviving good old trends, especially when we’re talking about the amazing ones of the 90s. In order to pay homage to this iconic era, L’Atelier Nawbar and Lebanese It-girl Nathalie Fanj created hand in hand the astonishing capsule collection “Jem Pop” of colorful rings. Each of the 6 finger jewels revives the 90s’ fashion and style glory in its own way, bringing back the much-loved plastic jewelry of those days in a new and more sophisticated apparel.

Gold plated, bold and as colorful as a rainbow, these marvels were handmade by talented fine jewelry artisans who showed great techniques handling the smallest details perfectly. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s slide on this rainbow back to the nineties!

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