KENZO’s New Chapter Starts with Felipe Oliveira Baptista

Change isn’t just beautiful, but it’s also a must from time to time in order to keep things fresh, especially in the fashion world where we feed on novelties. And that’s exactly what KENZO thought when appointing the Portuguese fashion designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista as their new creative director. Needless to say that the House will conserve its lively spirit, codes and values and will go on pampering us with creations exuding with passion, creativity and awesomeness. This will only be another breathtaking chapter in the KENZO journey.

We can’t wait to see what Felipe Oliveira Baptista has in store for us, but if there’s one thing we’re totally certain about is that it will have greatness written all-over it. After all that’s what KENZO has always promised and delivered.    

With this fresh start, KENZO shared with us their new graphic logo. It’s designed as a construction game and it really adds to the brand’s visual identity, reflecting the change the House has made. Check it out below!

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