Insight on the Dior Vibe Bag Savoir-faire

Cover Photo Courtesy of Andrea Cenetiempo

After heading backstage to learn about the beauty look from the Dior cruise 2022 show, it’s time for another behind-the-scenes adventure to further explore this collection. This time, we’re diving into the French House’s accessories’ world with the Dior Vibe bag imagined by Maria Grazia Chiuri. This marvel brings the Dior heritage together with the world of sportswear with its diverse designs, expressing more than ever the timeless modernity of the House and adding a touch of audacity to your different silhouettes.

With curves exuding lightness and finesse, incorporated sneaker codes, the “Christian Dior” signature stripe, the unique rubber base adorned with Monsieur Dior’s lucky star, the rubber zippers blending elegance and practicality, and many more charming aspects, we are instantly taken aback with the bag’s remarkable mix between the casual spirit and the art of detail so dear to the Maison.          

Check the video below for a chance to get a closer look on the savoir-faire behind the Dior Vibe Bowling bag.

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