Hermès Introduces Rose into Its Beauty World

Cover Photo Courtesy of Joaquin Laguinge

As it continues its journey in the world of beauty with the turn it made towards makeup, Hermès is pleased to present its new amazing “Rose Hermès” collection. Revealing them first at the Mall of the Emirates from 6 to 15 April in a pop-up located within the Central Galleria, these novelties won’t be launched globally until after that as a gesture Hermès made towards the region.

As its name suggests, this collection takes us on a trip to the world of pink (Rose) where we revel in its beauty. Between the charming silky blushes, practical brushes, the wonder-making lip enhancers and the different pinkish shades of them all – among other beauties as well – we can’t wait to add these gems to our makeup collection. What makes them even more special is the fact that they are also refillable, which can only mean that we will never run out of these wonderful creations.

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