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Here’s to New Beginnings with BULGARI’s B.zero1 Collection

Discover the world of BULGARI’s B.zero1 in KSA here.
Discover the world of BULGARI’s B.zero1 in UAE and other GCC countries here.

In 1999, an icon of the jewelry world is born with one mission, the mission to celebrate new beginnings. Driven by its spirit of innovation, BULGARI welcomed the year 2000 with the 1 collection – allowing women and men alike to commemorate every moment with an avant-garde piece of jewelry. B.zero1 goes beyond embodying the strength behind every fresh start through its emblematic design consisting of an endless spiral, as its names also reflects this idea: the “B” stands for BULGARI, “zero” for the new millennium and the number “1” for new, infinite beginnings.

Through the years, every B.zero1 creation have confirmed itself as the jewel that addresses those who lead their life on their own terms, with no fear of facing challenges, breaking the rules and achieving their goals, whether big or small, with determination and audacity. Not only is it a representation of what the future might hold and the feeling of excitement that comes with turning dreams into a reality, setting new goals in life and having faith in the ability to reach a certain destination, but also an icon that revolutionized the aesthetic codes of jewelry design.

A bold vision in its own right, BULGARI’s B.zero1 is one’s companion on an inspiring journey, constantly proving itself to be the fruit of creativity and imagination and uncovering new designs that speak to the women and men of today in the most stylish of ways. Join us in the Photo Gallery as we take you through some of this iconic collection’s designs.

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