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Gucci’s New Bag Collection Sets the Tone for a Stylish Season Ahead

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When it comes to fashion that speaks to the most modern of women, Gucci certainly tops the list. For Autumn/Winter 2019-2020, the Italian fashion house introduces a selection of bags that will make their way on to every stylish lady’s wish-list! From newly debuted styles to evolved ones, there is something for everyone.

This collection brings to life new materials and graphic patterns, while the timeless grey color makes its enchanting debut. However, the authentic Gucci feel never fails to prove its presence in these novelties. Everyday style? Check. Practicality? Check. Versatility? Check. So, what more could we ask for?

To explore these new creations and immerse you furthermore in the Gucci world, we have captured some of our favorite bags that will certainly make you fall under their spell from the very first sight. They are modern, they are stylish and multi-functional, and they are simply Gucci!

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