From Runway to Life – 5 Makeup Looks to Adopt This Fall/Winter

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Besides fashion and accessories, runways are and will always be a source of inspiration in beauty and makeup. Well, how could one say no to that? Believe it or not, designers know a thing or two about makeup as well and never hesitate to shower us with looks that look just perfect for our daily adventures.

Although some of them opt for a makeup that is more on the wild side, others succeed at setting new trends for women’s day looks. From the flawlessly natural, dewy complexion to the all-time favorite red lips, the variety is quite rich, thus making the task of choosing the look that suits us the most pretty hard. With this in mind, we have gathered our absolute favorite 5 ranging from simple to bolder. Check them out and get ready to become the master by the start of Fall.  

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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