Forever Fashionable in these 10 Essential Heels

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Let’s all agree on something: nothing is more feminine than heels. Regardless of their height and of the season, every stylish woman should have some pairs of heels – and maybe some more – in order to enrich her looks with the perfect touch of elegance.

Sneaks are certainly comfy and stylish too, but nothing actually compares to the sophisticated flair these fashion marvels add to our outfits. Whether they come in the form of mules, sandals or pumps, we find ourselves always in the quest for THE pair that will take our style game to the next level, which makes them the staple that will forever be associated with glamour. And ladies, let us tell you one more thing about these wonders: they are the piece of your look that will fill you with confidence as you walk into a room – any room!

Now that we’ve all agreed on the basic pros of including heels in our shoe collection, let us take you through the 10 essential styles that would make your closet so much more versatile.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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