Fall-Ready in Sweats

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Guess who’s returning to the fore once again? Yes, you’ve guessed it, sweats. And this time around, your kids will be able to cozy up into them as well as the weather gets cooler!

It might not be very chilly just yet, but surely your little boys are all looking towards the colder season and daydreaming of a winter wonderland. And since they’re more likely to sway towards classic and simple styles, they’re probably getting ready to receive a lot of sweatshirts from you. So we’re counting on you to deliver this service in the most fashion kind of way! That said, pegged as one of the most timeless pieces in a boy’s wardrobe, sweats come in a lot of colors, style and graphic embellishments. All you need to do is pick the one that would suit your kid the most, and ultimately serve him the most during the cold winter times.

Below, we’ve scoured the trendiest sweats. The Photo Gallery, right this way…


Cindy Menassa

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