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Explore Cartier through the Pages of “The Impossible Collection” Book

Cartier and creativity are synonyms when it comes to artistry. One of the world’s premier luxury jewelers since the nineteenth century, the House established a unique network founded on exceptional knowledge of the precious gemstone market and developed a revolutionary style. One of the roads that lead to a better understanding and a unique exploration of Cartier’s world is the newly released “The Impossible Collection” book released within Assouline’s Ultimate Collection.

This marvel features engaging texts by renowned French journalist Hervé Dewintre revealing the stories behind the creation of 100 of Cartier’s most stunning and innovative objects and jewels. Dedicated to jewelry, watchmaking, fashion, and the art of living, this distinguished book sheds light on Cartier’s emblematic style, history, and distinguished clientele throughout all eras – from the early years of Garland style to the most contemporary high jewelry collections, the iconic creations by legendary Creative Director Jeanne Toussaint, and the evolutions of the Panther and Tutti Frutti motifs.

A release worthy of your attention, it will definitely feed the soul of every art and beauty lover.

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