Double Cs to Double the Elegance the Cartier Way

Nothing beats the beauty of Cartier’s “C de Cartier” bag but a doubled one. The new Double C de Cartier bag will swipe you off your feet with its jeweled clasp, smooth leather, flawless lines and endless charm. As its name suggests, this new marvelous accessory is completed with a C within another, bringing up the bag’s chicness.

In addition to its practical design that allows you to wear it over your shoulder or across your body, this bag will find its way to your closet thanks to its vivid color palette that includes deep black, intense red, powdered pink and fuchsia pink. And with the matching small leather goods essentials that Cartier made sure to pamper us with as well, spice up your silhouette the right way whether with the small or large version of this new marvel.

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