Dior Strikes Again at Sole DXB

All Photos Courtesy of Morgan O’Donovan

Sole DXB is back from December 6th till the 8th and is introducing with it – for the very first time – Dior Men’s SS2019 Collection and the Capsule Boy Collection by Baby Dior.

Dior Men’s capsule collection by Kim Jones is actually being unveiled in four pop-up stores around the world – from Tokyo to London, Los Angeles and Dubai – to introduce the Bee, the House’s icon revisited by New York artist KAWS and appearing in XXL versions. Dior’s signature is also being revamped by KAWS and it’s all very promising! The pop-up shops will be also showcasing an onsite printing atelier for personalized creations, allowing the House’s clients on the opening day to personalize their t-shirts and tote bags with the name of the location, the time and date of purchase and the number of items sold up to that moment.

The pop-up at Sole DXB spans over three levels with a lounge bar, sneakers wall and twelve-meter high bees by KAWS illuminating the space both inside and out. The revisited Dior logo appears illuminated on the front with exaggerated proportions, reminiscent of the creative world of graffiti.




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Keep Calm and Wear Summer Shorts

Is there anything cozier than a fresh pair of shorts to take you through the warm days of summer in style? We think not.

For a little while now, shorts have reached a much wider audience, what with the proliferation of chinos and all its derivatives. And while popular opinion would dictate that shorts are more on the “chilled” side of the spectrum, we’ve come to find that any man can turn a laid-back outfit into something classier and more stylish. So shorts, how will you wear them? Well for starters, there are no rules as long as you’re not tucking your short-sleeved tee inside of them – dad in the 90s style. But if we were to give you a couple of pointers on how to enhance this style, we’d probably veer you towards the relaxed attitude of a linen shirt or a denim shirt, let loose on top of said shorts. Pair it all with boater shoes or white sneakers, and you’re ready to go!

So beautiful people, get ready to wear some pretty fancy shorts this season!


Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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10 Must-Have Short-Sleeve Shirts to Kick-Start Spring

You know you’re in the dead of Spring when the dapper short-sleeve shirts come creeping out. So why should you substitute your average-length standard shirts with shorter-sleeve ones? Aside from the fact that their lightweight and aired-out structure is the best combination for the warmer season, they can also be worn to any occasion, can take you from day to night in style and dapperness and are this season’s most up-and-coming trend. And as much as we love rolling up the sleeves of our shirts, having short ones can already save you the trouble from wrinkling your shirts. Can anyone ask for more?

Now we get it, if you’re associating them with the “nerd of the classroom” type of wardrobe, it’s because you were trained to think so. But just as it seems, the nerd-vibe is the only vibe you should be mimicking this season. The trick here is to find the best fit for you – not too large and not too tight – and to style your short-sleeve shirt correctly. You can do so by pairing it with chinos, shorts or even your favorite pair of denim jeans.

So are you sold? If so, we’ve scoured the best short-sleeve shirts for you!


Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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10 Must-Have Ties to Funk Up your Day

Cover Photo Courtesy of

Looking for a new and innovative way to create quite the impression? Stop right there, we’ve got just the solution for you. There’s nothing as powerful as a statement tie to show you’re right here. And even if you’re not a tie-person, there’s always an occasion that demands you wear one.

So taking into consideration the fact that you should always have a tie on hand whenever the occasion calls for dapperness, a gentleman should always own a business tie, an every-day tie and a tuxedo tie. But if there’s one thing that will always instill some funk into your outfit, it’s a fun, colorful and bold tie. That said, the Spring-Summer 2018 runways were chockfull of these beauties, from polka dotted ones, to striped ones and more lively styles. To make the most out of statement ties, one should always pair them with classic outfits, as to not create a clash in terms of colors, styles and whatnot.

To help you out, we’ve scoured 10 must-have funky ties that will surely add a little zest to your every-day look.

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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Squared and Sharp

Jaeger-LeCoultre, Reverso Tribute Moon watch
Cartier, Santos de Cartier watch
de Grisogono, New Retro watch
Patek Philippe, Golden Ellipse Selfwinding watch
Boucheron, Reflet Large watch
Parmigiani Fleurier, Kalpagraphe Chronomètre Titanium watch
Bvlgari, Octo Finissimo Automatic Sandblasted watch
Hermès, Carré H watch
Cartier, Cartier Privé Tonneau watch
Cover Photo Courtesy of de Grisogono

Squared watches might be one of the rarest styles in the world of watchmaking, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. And by squared, we don’t only mean the timepieces that feature a dial of a square shape, but also every watch with cases that take a shape with angles. Whether we’re talking about a square, rectangular or tonneau-shaped dial, the production of such a watch requires a high level of watchmaking skills – which makes the creation of such a piece a challenge in its own right.

This somehow explains the rarity of this style – which personally, I find quite charming when adorning the wrist of a man. That probably explains the reason that makes the adjective “sharp” quite suitable in the description of a masculine style, don’t you agree?

With this in mind, some watchmaking houses have decided to take the challenge and provide the world with some impressive squared creations. From Cartier to de Grisogono, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Patek Philippe and Parmigiani Fleurier – to name a few, the list is not short to say the least. If you’re ready to add this must-have style to your watch collection and take your style as a fashionable man to a new level, take a look at our list!

If not, you can always check out our edit of the best men’s timepieces from this year’s edition of the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie.


Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Smart in Optical Glasses

Dior Homme
Via Matches Fashion
Saint Laurent
Via Matches Fashion
Ermenegildo Zegna
Tom Ford
Cartier Eyewear
Via Matches Fashion
Dior Homme
Via Matches Fashion

The past few years have been the years of pulling off eyeglasses like a pro. And how so? By simply owning your vision deficiency and making it look “cool” – per se. Because yes, it’s perfectly fine that you have to wear eyeglasses and it’s more than okay to own it.

So how to make an otherwise average pair of eyeglasses look so dapper on you that you won’t even know what hit you? The trick here is to find the perfect style and fit that compliment your face and ultimately, to really understand the shape of your face. If you haven’t done so already, then please take a minute to look at yourself in the mirror before choosing your options. If your face is round then odds are you’ll look much better in rectangular frames or wayfarers. A heart-shaped face would look better with rounder frames while structured jawlines and squared-shaped faces would be optimized with aviators.

Once you have that figured out, all is left for you to do is pick your favorite style and wear it with a big fat smile. To help you out, we’ve rounded up the most trending optical glasses right now.


Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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Wardrobe Essentials – Chinos Revisited

Photo Courtesy of

Revisited indeed, but with a certain flair.

If there’s something worth the investment, it’s definitely a classic pair of chinos that you can style with pretty much anything, anywhere and anytime. Chinos have a wardrobe-staple status; they’re just so essential in a man’s closet that they now even come in various colors.

We know what you’re thinking, you’d much rather go for jeans that can ultimately give you a certain edge. But what if we told you that chinos can lend you the same end-result? I mean, think about it…can you go to a meeting in jeans? Heck, can a pair of denims take you from day to night in dapperness? The answer is simply no. chinos are probably the only trousers that are good with a tee and sneaks or with a cardigan, a shirt or even a blazer. With said versatility in check, our question for you is: what are you still waiting for?

If you’re in the dark about which chinos to get, then scroll below to discover our top picks!


Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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