Dior Cruise 2023 Takes a Spanish Turn

Along black, white and beige, shades of red and yellow left a remarkable impact on the collection’s marvels, thus taking each design to new heights. The Dior cruise 2023 collection is more of a journey, one filled with garments that come together to form a défilé during which echoes the history of the French House and its desire to seek out original collaborations inspired by their native territories. This explains the magical appearance of legendary characters like the Duchess of Alba, the Plaza de España and La Capitana – the name given to Carmen Amaya, the famous Spanish Flamenco dancer.  

Between the various marvels like suits, dresses and exuberant skirts that symbolize both Dior and Spain, different volumes and prints added their charming touches to the collection in a lively Spanish ambiance. And as an iconic Dior piece, we can’t but mention by name the Bar jacket that was reinvented in black velvet and embroidered with various gold threads.

In short, we’re definitely not talking about a regular collection, but rather about a meeting of emotions and intentions conveying an idea of fashion that is both of the everyday and of the extraordinary. Let’s celebrate the multiplicity of the visions of femininity with style!

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