Comfortably Elegant from Summer to Fall with La DoubleJ

Taking each possible situation and event into consideration, La DoubleJ released its widest collection. Dedicated for High Summer and Pre-Fall 2022, it’s an ode to Italian opulence, retro glamour, and folkloric fantasy designed with opulent summers on the Riviera in mind. On one hand, it’s built to cultivate joy in everyone it adorns, and in all who admire it. On the other hand, it takes your fashion game to unprecedented levels.

We’re not talking about a regular collection, but a door to endless possibilities. From lavish parties to weekends on the coast, plane travels, cool midsummer nights, fun beach days, casual outings, and everything in between, needless to worry about any of your looks with the effortless and travel-ready items. Whether worn together or mixed with one’s own wardrobe, versatility can be explored at its best while you roam between some bohemian romanticism, the seventies charm and a lot more.      

Crafted completely in Italy, using the country's finest quality materials and inspired by the warmth, beauty and joy of its people, let this collection introduce you to a whole new world of comfortable elegance.

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