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Breitling Turns Cars into Watches

Breitling brings back remarkable classic sports cars from the 1960s through 3 amazing watches each of which represents a distinctive car and holds its name: The Top Time Chevrolet Corvette watch, the Top Time Ford Mustang watch and the Top Time Shelby Cobra watch.  

This Top Time Classic Cars Capsule Collection draws inspiration from the Chevrolet Corvette, the Ford Mustang, and the Shelby Cobra, and speaks to the hearts of young and active professionals. Modern in a retro kind of way, each of these marvels has a bold dial of an enticing color completed with calfskin leather straps that add the needed touch of sophistication. And with an engraved stainless-steel case back, each of the timepieces holds the logo of the car it represents making things just perfect.        

Water resistant, with a 42-hour power reserve, and a self-winding movement, this collection is definitely not just about the looks!

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