Books We Love – Favorite Movies of the 90s

By Jürgen Müller

Cover Photo Courtesy of Taschen

Who doesn’t love movies? We all love a great film and some people are totally obsessed with classics and their charm and to be honest, they know what’s up. So many people love 90s movies, and Jürgen Müller is definitely one of those people.

Among all the movies produced in the 90s around the world, only 144 made it to this list of favorites. To put these movies on the pedestal that defines this decade, four to ten pages are dedicated to each of these 144 movies. From photos to film stills, cast/crew credits, film summaries, actor and director biographies, and budget and box office vital statistics, these two volumes pay tribute to this time in cinema and give you plenty of reasons to watch the ones you missed!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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