Books to Express Your Passion for Jewelry

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For those who have a passion for jewelry, there is a way to express it other than wearing them. In fact, investing in books that reflect this interest can be a wonderful addition to your library or coffee table. So, in this month’s edition, Azyaamode gives you a glimpse at 4 books that shine through their pages with the endless charm of jewels. Let’s check them out!  

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

Francesca Amfitheatrof: Fantastical Jewels
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Translating her love of fashion into the jewelry collections she creates for Louis Vuitton, Francesca Amfitheatrof is gifted with extraordinary creativity that she expresses through gemstones and gold. This book explores, through four fascinating jewelry collections she designed and unique sketches, gouaches, collages, and personal photographs, her alchemical process from raw materials and inspiration to polished jewel.

Cartier: The Impossible Collection
As one of the world’s premier luxury jewelers since the 19th century, Cartier should certainly be on this list. In this book, the world of the High Jewelry House is explored – from the neoclassical delicacy of the Garland style to the stylized geometrics of Art Deco, the iconic creations by legendary creative director Jeanne Toussaint, the evolutions of the Panther and Tutti Frutti motifs.


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This book takes you on a journey to the creative world of Victoire de Castellane, the creative director of Dior Joaillerie. In her world, pop culture mingles with plant motifs and couture details to present a playful take on jewelry. And to make the book even more fascinating, it also dives into the savoir-faire and aesthetics of the Dior jewelry collections.


The Art of David Webb: Jewelry and Culture
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Inspired by New York, the city that he came to at the age of 17, David Webb looked at jewelry as an art. In this book, more than 120 images reflect his vision and allow you to dive into the designer’s creative world.
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