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Amal Al Mulla’s “Spring Awakening” Collection

Bahraini designer Amal Al Mulla has never failed to put women on the highest pedestal, and this new “Spring Awakening Collection” is just more proof of that.

If we were to describe the woman behind this luscious brand, we would say she is the epitome of femininity, sensuality but most importantly, independence. She is graceful and wears a cloak of hope that permits her to once again pick up the threads that had begun to form between her and the blooming season of spring.

Drawing a hint to the light at the end of the tunnel, this evasive collection brings back hope for a new day, new beginnings and well, new clothes! The eponymous collection plummets in the neutral and monotone hues of gray and pink. The mood itself seeks shelter in a vortex of sassy ruffles and sheer cuts that beautifully adorn backdrops of cotton, silks, organza and floral laces. The Amal Al Mulla woman – who sees herself as an agent of change- makes a statement with ethereal fringes and preppy knots and ties, proving once again that it all comes very naturally to her; from natural sophistication to sheer elegance, it’s all second nature.

Amal Al Mulla, queen of fashionable freedom, has once again set a defying mood for the new season and the Photo Gallery below will be of great evidence.


Cindy Menassa

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