A Selma Benomar Kind of Elegance for Ramadan

For Ramadan 2023, Designer Selma Benomar pampered us with a new collection: “Mirage.” Not only does it transport us to a mesmerizing Arabian Night with its creativity, but also mimics the phantasm that the desert evokes. And just like its name suggests, it connects us to our heritage and roots by drawing inspiration from the delicate, soft and somewhat illusive nature of a mirage. The designer started with the lightness, airiness, smoothness and subtle translucency of the organza and completed it with French Dentelle, adding a touch of refinement and elegance to the collection. Along with other fabrics like Mousseline or Crepe, she created a unique and visually interesting experience for the modern woman.

“Mirage” is more than a collection, it’s a promise to make a unique fashion statement that represents the voices and experiences of women from different cultural backgrounds, breaks down cultural barriers, and celebrates the Arab woman’s identity, bearing comfort in mind through every detail.

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