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A Pandora Charm for Children’s Day

When working for a children’s cause, kids provide the best inspiration. That’s exactly what Pandora proved with its “Dreams of the Future Crayon” dangle charm that was designed to represent the spirit of children today in honor of World Children’s Day on November 20. In fact, Pandora’s Creative Directors Filippo Ficarelli and Francesco Terzo brought between elements from nearly 200 kids’ drawings, such as a crayon, colorful butterflies and wings, and came up with the charm’s design which thus resonated with the themes of education, creativity and freedom.
This limited-edition jewel is more like a window to a world children see, where opportunities for self-expression and access to quality education are endless. And with the support of UNICEF, they will indeed have a brighter future as Pandora will be donating a part of the sales of this charm to the cause and consequently young people, especially girls, will be provided with the tools and opportunities they need to pursue their passions and fulfil their potential.  

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