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A New Chaumet Bee My Love Delight to Enhance Your Bronzed Skin

Right after we enjoyed every bit of sunray during the summer season, Chaumet comes to make our sun-kissed look even more appealing with an eye-catching pendant that joins the ever-so-playful Bee My Love collection. Revisiting the iconic honeycomb motif, this new addition shines like the sun that we embraced all summer long as its mirror-polished gold cells reflect the light with each move the wearer makes.

Mounted on a delicate chain, the pendant composed of three bands joined together is made available in three versions - rose gold, rose gold punctuated with six diamonds or white gold sprinkled with six diamonds. And with its ultra-desirable design, it offers you endless ways to wear it, alone or mixed and matched with other pieces. Who knows? Maybe it would be your chance to outshine the sun!

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