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A Conversation with Sabina Belli, CEO of Pomellato

Named Pomellato CEO in 2015, Sabina Belli continues her journey in the luxury world while empowering women through her role. This year, with the launch of the House’s third La Gioia high-jewelry collection entitled “A Walk in Nature, from sunrise to darkness”, Azyaamode gets the chance to delve into the Milanese jewelry Maison’s world in a conversation with her.

What does this high-jewelry collection newly introduce to Pomellato’s world?

La Gioia is the most authentic expression of who we are; it represents Pomellato's deep identity and the pinnacle of our craftsmanship.

The new high-jewelry collection depicts an evocative imaginary journey in nature with its ever-changing landscapes, from the first rays of the rising sun to the mystery of the night. Nature is the inspiration, beautifully reinterpreted in the free-spirited style of the brand, never static or decorative. The unique creations capture light, moods and feelings in seven different themes that are embodied in Pomellato’s unique craftsmanship.

This collection brings new emotions. According to Vincenzo Castaldo, our Creative Director, “La Gioia wants to generate emotions that blossom on the skin through organic jewelry that follows the movement of the body, adorning it with gold, stones, colors and light.”

Which iconic Pomellato aesthetics does this collection use in order to stay true to the House’s style?

Innovative design, for sure, inspired by Milanese style. Each jewel in the collection has a strong personality, able to marry masterful craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Versatility and playfulness are also important ingredients for Pomellato… the idea of being able to wear jewels in many different ways according to looks and moods. Many pieces of this collection are highly versatile and offer multiple ways of wearability.

Amazing and unconventional colorful gems as well as exquisite craftsmanship represent our own distinctive style.

Tell us about your choice of stones, and how were these choices able to express the majesty of nature?

Our strength is in the creative balance between our Milanese design, goldsmith expertise and the unconventional use of precious colorful gems always cut and set in very special ways. Gems for Pomellato stand for color and color is for sure a defining trait of Pomellato, an array of sophisticated hues that is the result of passionate gem hunting to find the most beautiful stones.

Princess the Rapper Menta necklace from Pomellato’s “A Walk in Nature, from sunrise to darkness” high jewelry collection

Gemstones are able to capture lights and shadows in unique ways: whether it is the exceptional oval cut 17,90 carat Paraiba tourmaline in a very rare green nuance of our Princess necklace or the incredible set of 24 cushion-cut grey spinels in our Cascade Gris one-of-a-kind earrings, each gem in this collection fully expresses the richness and depth of Nature’s beauty.
Cascade Gris earrings from Pomellato’s “A Walk in Nature, from sunrise to darkness” high jewelry collection

How will this high-jewelry collection enhance Pomellato’s place in the jewelry scene?
This new high-jewelry collection fully expresses Pomellato’s unique positioning as creator of handcrafted contemporary fine jewelry from Milan, renowned for its colored gemstones and its elegant yet unconventional design.
As the Maison’s CEO, what is the empowering message you would like to send to the Middle Eastern woman?
Believe in yourself and in your dreams, be true to who you are here and now. Don’t be afraid to follow your heart’s desires.

Which pieces of this new high jewelry collection address more your personality?
It is difficult to choose, I love all the jewels in this collection for different reasons.
I feel a special connection to our new Princess chains. Golden reflections and diamonds pavé with a contemporary chic style set these jewels apart. The new Princess necklaces are composed by the combination of 2 different chains, curb and cable, and feature a stunning central gemstone like for example the incredible oval cut 17,90 carat Paraiba tourmaline. I like the creative freedom of these necklaces playing with different styles of chains and a new, unconventional way of presenting precious gemstones.
Velvet Tie Chain necklace from Pomellato’s “A Walk in Nature, from sunrise to darkness” high jewelry collection
I also love the Velvet Tie-chain, a very special and unique necklace that expresses all the versatility of the mesh chain, so feminine and chic with its extraordinary fluidity. Entirely hand-made at Casa Pomellato by our master goldsmiths, this jewel is a real masterpiece of Pomellato craftsmanship showing the brand’s exquisite know-how in chain making. Two jet pendants adorned with diamonds and garnet cabochons dangle from the tubular chain, enabling the wearer to adjust it depending on look or mood.
As a working woman yourself, how does this new launch represent the modern woman?
The collection reflects a form of Italian-style 'art de vivre': precious jewels with a contemporary Milanese design that are easy to wear. This is a distinctive trait of Pomellato which also applies on our high-jewelry collections too.
Because it is the joy that comes from wearing a valuable piece of jewelry every day that gives Pomellato its distinctiveness.
Each jewel is an expression of the passion and the work of love that are behind Pomellato’s creations, starting with the fine craftsmanship and the savoir-faire of our artisans, as well as the creative drive that is the soul of the brand. This reflects also the attitude of the women who choose Pomellato.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad
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