5 Iconic Bags in a Story

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In the world of accessories, many bags hide a story behind their creation and if you’re a true bag collector, it’s time we give you a glimpse at some that have made history in this field. Join us below as we take you through 5 of the most iconic purses of all time!

The Lady Dior by Dior
Some might know its story but let’s refresh your memory a little bit. On a visit made by Princess Diana to Paris, Bernadette Chirac – the wife of then French president Jacques Chirac – commissioned the House of Dior to design a bag fit for a princess, and the result was just perfect. Made of black quilted leather, the bag wasn’t slouchy just like a princess’s posture, and featured a pair of demi-arched handles and yellow gold hardware. Since Lady Diana showed her deep admiration for this bag, it became a key element in Dior’s handbag collections, presented in many variations and sizes.
The Birkin by Hermès
On an Air France flight from Paris to London in the early 80s, the idea of Hermès’s Birkin bag was born. British actress Jane Birkin was sitting next to Jean-Louis Dumas, who was then Chief Executive for Hermès. After the content of the straw bag that she was carrying spilled, Dumas asked her about her idea of the ideal accessory, setting on a design journey that started with a drawing on a paper bag provided by the airline.
The Jackie 1961 by Gucci
First created as a hobo bag, this design introduced by Gucci in 1961 under the name of the Fifties Constance caught the eye of Jackie Kennedy. After the release of a paparazzi image of the First Lady carrying the bag, the name was switched to Jackie 1961. In 2021, Alessandro Michele gave it more structure, an adjustable strap and a piston closure – making it a modern icon in the world of accessories.
The 2.55 by CHANEL
It all started in February 1955, when Gabrielle Chanel designed a bag that will forever represent the core values and aesthetic of the fashion house she founded, even if it didn’t feature any logo. Its quilted exterior finds inspiration in the saddle blankets she saw at the horse races she frequented, while its interior is tainted in a burgundy color that recalls the uniforms that Gabrielle wore in the convent. And when Karl Lagerfeld re-designed it in 2005, it became an It-bag in every sense of the word.  
The Speedy by Louis Vuitton
When traveling became a frequent activity, Louis Vuitton introduced its own take on softer luggage – transforming the bag it debuted in 1930 as the “Express” into what today is known as the “Speedy”. In 1959, Audrey Hepburn was the reason this luxurious luggage bag morphed into a purse, as she asked the Maison to produce a 25 version of the 30 Speedy. And with all the variations made available now, we should all thank her!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad
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