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10 Timepieces for the Sporty Man

Cover Photo Courtesy of Hermès by Scheltens and Abbenes

Timepieces are for everybody. While men who are passionate about formal style look for elegant watches, sporty men opt for creations that reflect their love for sports. You might ask yourself, what could make a watch sporty and we’ve got the answer you’re looking for!

Sporty watches are not only about the look, as they also include features and complications that make them the perfect fit for sporty men. Beyond the sporty look that revolves around very casual straps and a bulky case – to name a few, complications like a chronograph come to make it a professional one in the very true meaning of the word.

So, for that man in your life, we’ve got a selection that we would like to take you through. Join us in the Photo Gallery and check them out!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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