“Zuruni”, Dana Hourani’s Latest Release

Life would be tasteless without music as it has the ability to transform everything dull and static into a pulsating masterpiece. And thanks to great artists like Dana Hourani, the world of music is continuously evolving especially with the release of her third single “Zuruni” – as if “Ella Enta” and “Lahza” weren’t enough to take our breath away. The Egyptian Folk artist Sayyed Darwish originally composed this beautiful song in 1917 and the icon Fairuz modernized it and sang it decades later. Now, with Hourani’s new release, we get the chance to enjoy it once again through her angelic voice.

Dana stated she was a bit nervous and had some fears about this project:
“Taking this project on was a big risk. Revisiting a classic that a legend like Fairuz has made her own and taking it into a modern and electronic musical direction will definitely surprise those who are familiar with this timeless anthem”. That said, as we watch her music video, we clearly see how amazing her take on this classic turned out to be.
Watch Hourani’s “Zuruni”, and see for yourself!

Music Video:
Directed by Banan Alawneh
Produced by Anthony Khoury
Recorded by Gio Fikany
Mixed and mastered by Sleiman Damien 
Project Management: 

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