You’ve Been Groom-ed!

So you’re the groom! Perfect. But that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to sit back and relax while your soon-to-be wife does all the dirty work for you. Welcome to the 21st century, where the rules have changed and where man and woman are expected to give out the same amount of effort in wedding planning.

Granted, the bride is going to want to make all the big decisions, but that doesn’t mean that your opinion doesn’t matter. Instead of just standing there and looking pretty, consider doing these few steps to enhance your role in the whole planning process.

  1. Your fiancée has been dreaming of her wedding her whole life. So you can’t just come swooping in and making all the decisions yourself. That said, what you can do here is spare her the pointless details. For instance, research hours can be allocated to you. And by research hours, we mean looking for wedding planners, venues, photographers and so on.
  2. Once you do gather all this useful – nay vital – information, make sure you share it with your fiancée first. Do not, in any way whatsoever, think you’re entitled to handle this on your own, or forever be doomed to face the wrath of bridezilla. Teamwork is key and you’ll need to show her that you care without overstepping.
  3. Don’t let your fiancée attend all the important meetings alone. Always be by her side and show her your unabashed support and commitment. From time to time – and when appropriate – do voice your opinion and have a say in the process.
  4. After narrowing down the list of all the wedding prospects, step aside and let her evaluate the situation. Trust that she’ll make the right decision for both you and her.
  5. Last but not least, make sure she is stress-free and happy. Always re-assure her that no matter the problems, you two will face them together hand-in-hand and that she’s not alone in the process. After all, what matters is that you celebrate your love together.

Happy wedding day!


Cindy Menassa

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So You’ve Chosen a Fall Wedding?

Fall weddings are as magical as they sound. They’re the subjects of one-too many fairytale stories and most of them do live up to their reputation – if planned correctly.

We know what you’re thinking – why would anyone want to walk down the aisle when it’s not as warm as a summery day in August? Well, simply put, some couples are not big fans of breaking out in hives just to tie the knot. After all, to each his own! So basically, the cool and crisp weather of fall can truly make the bride’s day and the ideas behind a fall wedding are by the dozen, no matter the destination – because let’s face it, a Fall wedding in the Gulf is no different than a summery one. Of course, no wedding is perfect, there will always be glitches and bumps down the road, but the most important thing to keep in mind here is that the number one priority is the bride and groom’s happiness and satisfaction. That said, there are one too many ways to plan a fall destination wedding and here are a couple of tips and tricks that can make the preparations a lot less chaotic.


  1. Sure, outdoors-y fall weddings look incredibly gorgeous on Instagram, but there’s one thing you forgot about: the weather. What if it rains cats and dogs and you ruin your wedding day because you failed to prepare for an indoor wedding? Fall is home to unexpected showers and winds, so the best thing to do here is to plan an indoor wedding worthy of a royal celebration!
  2. But of course, you’ll want pictures in the great outdoors and we totally understand! Just don’t let your bridesmaids and yourself freeze to death by doing so. That’s why pashminas are always a good idea! Pick ones that match the theme and you won’t notice a difference in the pictures – and your bride tribe won’t end up with a cold.
  3. The themes can vary from colors to styles and so on. But your best bet is the earth-toned color palette – which will ultimately lend your wedding a certain Fall-sy je ne sais quoi!
  4. Keep in mind that the temperature and weather may change at any given moment. So make sure your wedding guests are well prepared during your party with pashminas as well!
  5. The décor should be really reminiscent of fall. That said, you can never go wrong with romantic candles and lanterns.
  6. The flowers decorating the venue and your bouquet can also include warm colors – something you should definitely discuss with your wedding planner.
  7. Finally, since the sun sets earlier in fall, it might be a good idea to do the wedding events an hour earlier or so, early enough to watch the sun set!

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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Post-Wedding Shenanigans

You’ve been dreaming about this day for as long as you can remember, and it finally happened. It was truly a night to remember and you managed to get yourself and the groom to seal the deal. You are indescribably happy yet oh-so tired. But what about all the post-wedding shenanigans?

Experts take you step by step through all the pre-wedding concerns, yet fail to highlight one simple but obvious issue: what’s after the wedding? Some would say a marriage, but we’re here to discuss the little steps that will take you from a bride to a newlywed.

After all the wedding festivities wind down, you’ll want that post-wedding high to last you a lifetime. Not to burst your sweet bubble, but as soon as reality sets in you’re going to have to deal with a whole lot of things. But fear not, allow us to guide you through all the expected issues after your magical wedding day.

  1. After all the mayhem, you must be irreverently exhausted and brain-dead. We get it. And since the wedding is over, you’re going to want to deal with a few things…but first things first, relax. Take some time to unwind and to let it all sink in: you’re a happily married woman!
  2. After reflecting on how awesome your wedding day was, you can now proceed to the next step: have your wedding dress cleaned. Whether you want to keep it or you would rather some other bride enjoy it, have it cleaned so you can finally tick off that chore from your checklist.
  3. Once you have that out of the way, you can finally begin packing for your long-awaited honeymoon! By now, you surely know the destination, so pack according to the weather and prepare yourself for an adventure like no other with your hubby!
  4. After the honeymoon comes the exciting issue of your wedding photos and videos. Get that sorted out with your photographer and make sure you retrieve everything before you all drown in the deep, deep pool that is married life.
  5. Finally, hold on tight as you embark on a roller coaster of experiences and emotions!


Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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Keep Your Wedding Guest List under Control

Perhaps one of the hardest tasks a bride can do is narrow down a never-ending list of guests for her wedding. After all, no person wants to be the one to over-invite or under-invite, especially if said person has the weakness of wanting to please everyone.

So if you belong to this category of people, then allow to us un-burden you. Believe it or not, there are more ways than others to shortlist your wedding guests and you can definitely pull it off without having to get the nasty eye from the people you didn’t get the chance to invite. Bride-to-be, if you’re having a hard time trying to select your wedding guests, we’ve got you covered.

Scroll below as we take you through some tips and tricks to alleviate the “invitation” pressure!

  1. Being in love means you want to share your wedding day with the whole wide world. But when reality kicks in, you’ll soon realize that neither your venue of choice nor your budget permits you to do so. Enter the “Draft 1” guest-list. Make a small estimate of the number of family members and friends you want to invite, just to have a clearer idea. From there, you’ll be able to move more freely.
  2. Keep in mind that some of your invitees will have plus ones. So if you think that you probably won’t be seeing said person after the wedding, then it’s sure as heck not worth inviting him/her.
  3. Also, one of the most important factors in the wedding guest list is the parents. Whether they’re paying for your big day or not, it’s nice to take their guests into consideration.
  4. Now once you take all these factors into account, you’ll probably end up with – to say it mildly – a pretty huge list. So with all these names and plus ones in mind, you’ll want to consider who are the people who will really be supporting you throughout your marriage and who will not. The ones that you know can make an impact are definitely the keepers.
  5. Lastly, keep a little margin for the people who probably won’t attend your wedding. You can replace them with a little something we like to call “List B”.


Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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Things to do the Night Before your Wedding Day

Getting married is probably one of the most – if not the most – memorable event in a woman’s life. And planning for the big day? Well it might just be one of the most stress-inducing, nerve-wracking, tiring processes in the world of events. But the fact is, it never stopped anyone from doing it properly and it probably never will.

A bride only wants three things: one, for everyone to have fun at her wedding, two, for the groom not to run awa, and three, for every single thing to go as planned. And while these requests might seem extremely small to any other human being, a bride can never contain the level of stress when it comes to her one and only wedding – hopefully. With that in mind, can you imagine how nervous a bride must be the night before the big day?

So bride-to-be, if you’re having wedding jitters and can’t help shake off the horrible thoughts, then we’ve got just the thing for you. We’ve compiled a list of must-do things before you get hitched. You’ll thank us later.

  1. There’s nothing quite like peace of mind. But in order to achieve that, you’re going to want to align everything so that it all goes smoothly. Last-minute arrangements can range from packing flats for the party, to making sure the rings are in good hands and so on. Make a checklist and make sure you follow through every point.
  2. Pack a bag of personal items – items that you might be needing come the big day. Don’t over-pack though!
  3. Eat well. We can’t stress this enough. We don’t want you to end up not fitting in your wedding gown but we also don’t want you to faint as you walk down the aisle. Eat lots of fruits and veggies and make sure you load upon Vitamin C before the big day.
  4. Touch base with your wedding planner. Odds are she knows what she/he’s doing more than you do, so delegate your last-minute tasks and give yourself some time to rest.
  5. Drink a lot of water to help reduce your anxiety level. Enough said.
  6. Sleep well. Don’t stay up until 3 am and complain the next day about how tired you are. The more you relax, the better you’ll wake up in the morning.
  7. Spend your last night with your friends and keep your worries tucked away, deep in a little drawer!


Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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Everything You Need to Know About Relieving Wedding Stress

Having wedding jitters is completely normal and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. But there’s also a fine line between stressing and being completely out of your mind trying to bend over backwards to achieve perfection – because we all know that there’s no such thing as pleasing everyone.

And perhaps the most stress-inducing period is the time leading up to the big wedding day, when you’re so overwhelmed with last-minute preparations that you don’t really know what day it is, let alone your name. That’s why it’s always well advised that brides take a moment to relax and think about the bigger picture here: they’re celebrating the beginning of a very beautiful journey with their other-halves, and there’s really no reason as to why they should overthink anything. But since we know you, beautiful bride-to-be, we thought it best to highlight a few tips and tricks to get you through the tough period with zen and grace.

  1. Wedding preps are part of a journey you should be enjoying, because looking back, you will be longing for the “simpler times”. And so, keep in mind that losing sleep over your wedding day/night is never a good idea.  At the end of the day, all what matters is that you’re surrounded by your future husband, your family and friends and you will get through it all together.
  2. If all the “zen” talk is not doing it for you, remember that preparing a checklist can help you out. A lot. So take notes of all the things you need to do and prioritize the essentials by order of importance
  3. Delegating tasks doesn’t mean you’re a bad bride/planner. It just means that you’re smart enough not to overwhelm yourself with unnecessary shenanigans. Enter the maid of honor. Give her some tasks – which we’re sure she’ll be happy to do – and don’t forget that you can always count on the groom and on your family as well.
  4. If you want a stress-free planning period, then always allot time to your fiancé. Schedule date nights, squeeze in some quality time with him and make sure you share with him your worries and concerns to put him in the loop of the latest happenings. Who knows, maybe he can even help!
  5. Take some time to think about yourself as well. Put yourself first and pamper yourself with a spa day or a yoga session.


Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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Honeymoon Lovin’ – How to Pack Light?

Frankly, with all the ordeal that comes with the wedding shenanigans, some newlyweds might find it kind of relaxing once the big day is over. After all, weddings are not the easiest of events to prepare for; you have the engagement party, the pre-wedding and well, the wedding itself – and that’s because we still haven’t mentioned the hoard of tasks you have to complete in order to get it all right.

So the idea of life after the wedding doesn’t sound so bad now, does it? In fact, the post-wedding phase is still in the newlyweds’ side of the “married life” spectrum, as there still is the ever-so famous honeymoon! Couples usually choose a tropical destination to relax after all the hectic events, but others might choose metropolitan cities that they have yet to discover. Today, we’re going to focus all our efforts on making your honeymoon packing a whole lot easier and that much lighter – you don’t want to come back with a herniated disk, do you now?

So ladies, read below as we take you through the fine art of travelling light (even if you’re dying to pack your entire closet with you).

  1. The best-case scenario here is to prepare everything in advance, before the wedding even happens. Because let’s face it, after the big day, you’ll be too tired to think about your food, let alone life itself. So yeah, the sooner you prepare yourself, the better.
  2. Second, you can never go wrong with a list of the things you need to pack. And no, we’re not talking about that dress you haven’t worn since your last day of high school. Also, consulting with your partner is never a bad idea, as you can ultimately optimize your packing options.
  3. Next, get your destination in check; finalize your travel plans and you’ll be able to set a list of your must-pack essentials accordingly. For instance, if you’re going to a beach destination, then it goes without saying that you’ll need to pack some swimsuits, some sundresses, sunglasses and sandals – amongst other stuff. If you’re going to a big city, you’ll probably be needing a pair of jeans, some sneakers and a bunch of savvy outfits for a fancy night out.
  4. But before you go all out with the packing shenanigans, check the weather first. Who knows, there might be rainy days and maybe even colder ones.
  5. Always divide your outfits between daywear and nightwear, that way, you won’t have it all confused in your head.
  6. Now the shoes; we women can never have enough of these beauties, but remember you only have two feet. So just pack the essentials and forget about these pair of funky shoes you bought on a whim 15 years ago.
  7. Pack less bottoms and more tops, that’s our motto.
  8. As for your bags, pick one for your daytime activities and another one for the night. And that’s us being generous.

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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