Your Turn to Get the Different Colors of the Gabbi Bag

Cover Photo of Megan Fox

Even though we almost drool in front of any bag we see, not all of them make it back home with us. However, the Gabbi Bag from JW PEI made quite a difference, as not only did it steal our hearts at first sight, but also found a place for its various colors in our closet. Available in more than a dozen of colors ranging between sky blue, black, orange, ivory and many others, it can perfectly complete our different looks. 

And in fact, we’re not the only ones! The Gabbi marvel also casted its charm on many celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber and Emily Ratajkowski who were seen wearing this unparalleled accessory. So, we can definitely say the goal of making fashion accessible, effortless and empowering was achieved through this sustainable vegan leather bag and its vintage hobo style!

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