"Your Spark", a Benefit Cosmetics Empowering Social Campaign

Benefit Cosmetics has always been a brand known to push the boundaries in the Beauty world, not only with its products but with its initiatives and social impact as well. Today, in partnership with inspirational local creators and artists who share their vision and will add their unique voices to the initiative, the brand launched the “Your Spark” project to foster a positive, inclusive and empowering digital dialogue for women and girls in the Middle East. This reveal came after 5 years Benefit spent fostering an interactive relationship with its audience, predominantly young girls and women, through live sessions that offered a unique space for the brand’s community to ask candid questions about their bodies, teen experiences and more, extending well beyond the scope of beauty and makeup. Now that the brand is all set to take these dialogues to the next level, all women and girls are invited to join this transformative journey of empowerment and self-discovery on Benefit Middle East's social platforms. 

“Your Spark” is a response to a need, a secure environment where women and girls from the region can freely discuss their concerns away from societal judgment, and engage in a meaningful discourse beyond traditional beauty norms. It will revolve around 3 central themes:

  • Unfiltered Self-Love: Encouraging Arab women to celebrate their unique beauty, emancipate from societal pressures, and prioritize self-care.

  • Body and Skin Positivity: Shattering unrealistic beauty standards and advocating acceptance of all body types and skin conditions.

  • Normalizing Female Body Conversations: Establishing an open, shame-free platform to raise awareness and discuss menstruation and the female reproductive system.

In short, the powerful message "She Saw, She Heard, She Changed" encapsulates the mission of Benefit Middle East to redefine beauty and normalize female body conversations. 

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